How to adapt to coronavirus isolation


COVID 19 is a pandemic currently afflicting the whole world. The disease is caused by a virus known as coronavirus and is spread through person to person contact. The coronavirus causes a variety of ailments, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). There are multiple tactics for minimizing the spreading of the pandemic. These include observing basic hygiene and reducing personal contacts with people. People who have the disease can also practice self-quarantine and isolate themselves from the rest. 


Even after self-quarantining yourself, you can still get in touch with the rest of the world through the internet. You can also buy things online from groceries to lottery tickets. This article offers you multiple tactics that you can use to adapt to coronavirus isolation situation.


Have a home quarantine strategy

When you adopt self-quarantine or isolation, it means that you lessen contact with people by staying at home. There are multiple tactics that you can apply in coping with your self-quarantine or separation. For starters, you need to ensure that you have enough supplies to last for two weeks. As regards food, you need to ensure that you have non-perishable food items like powdered milk, canned fruits, dehydrated vegetables and others.


As part of your hygiene strategy, it’s critical to stock enough disposable items like tissue papers, anti-bacterial wipes and good-quality gloves. You also need to ensure that your first aid kit has essential things like thermometer and drugs that minimize fever. Having enough medication to last you for a fortnight is also part of an excellent strategy.


Through a phone call, you can talk to friends and relatives to drop essential items like the food at your doorstep.


Lessening contact with other people strategies

Within the family setup, there are various tactics that a sick individual should adapt to minimize the spread of the disease to other family members. The ill individual should stay away and keep a distance from other family members. In this connection, the patient should have their own bed which they shouldn’t share with anyone. In case there are rooms that the patient shares with other members, they should keep a distance of one metre from the other members. It’s also critical for the sick individual to wear a facemask when sharing rooms with other family members.


In case you home has a patient isolated due to COVID 19, you should not allow visitors to the home. It’s critical to have one member of the family caring for the sick individual. The person caring for the patient should wear facemasks when serving the sick.


The patient’s items like clothes should be isolated from those of other family members. When cleaning the sick person’s things, it’s essential to use a disinfectant and wear latex gloves.

Ensure that the sick individual gets sufficient rest and drinks lots of water to hydrate the body. The diet should be well-balanced and nutritious.


How to minimize boredom while in isolation

If you’re self-quarantined, you may experience boredom and feel stressed at some point. You can reduce the level of boredom by getting yourself busy in activities like video games. You should also try to minimize arguments with other members which may lead to stress.


Having an isolation strategy to help you to cope with coronavirus is a critical step to take if you have contacted the disease. This article has highlighted and explained some tactics that you can use to cope with your situation when you’re isolated due to COVID 19.


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