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Neck and back pain are common symptoms after a car accident. The forces involved in an accident can strain, stress and damage your soft tissues. If you experience pain in your neck and back after an auto accident, follow these four tips in order to find effective relief.

Go to the Emergency Room

It is a good idea to go to the emergency room after a car accident. Pain in your back or neck could be due to a fracture in your spine. The only way to find out is to visit the emergency room, where the doctors can assess you. The emergency medicine physicians could order X-rays or other imaging studies to diagnose or rule out a fracture.

Talk to a Lawyer

When you experience pain and injuries after a car accident, talk to a lawyer. Talking to a lawyer after a car accident helps you to understand your rights. The lawyer can explain how the law works in a case such as yours. A lawyer might also be able to provide you with legal advice or start the process of legal action if you feel that a lawsuit is in your best interests.

Visit a Chiropractor

When neck and back pain from a car accident are caused by soft tissue injuries, care from a chiropractor may help. A chiropractor offers assessment for misalignment of the spine. When a vertebra is out of alignment, pain and a loss of range of motion are common symptoms. Treatments from a chiropractor may relieve your back and neck pain as your tissues heal from the injuries.

Do Exercises and Stretches at Home

You might consider physical therapy to help with the treatment of back and neck pain after an auto accident. The physical therapist may give you some exercises to do at home. These exercises are designed to strengthen your muscles and ligaments. They will also help you with proper posture in order to avoid unnecessary stress on your neck and back. Be sure to keep up with the exercises and stretches between visits to the chiropractor and physical therapist.

Although an injury from a car accident happens in a split-second, healing could take many months. Be sure to attend all of your appointments and keep up with the recommendations for therapy and chiropractic treatments. Keep records of each visit and use them if you need to hire a lawyer and go to court about your auto accident.