Key Ways On How To Stop Electronic Cigarette Smoking Faster


Electronic cigarettes are still new in the smoker’s market, but a lot of men and women who smoke traditional cigarettes think they’re a much safer and better replacement. Studies add to the theory that this new type of cigarette can assist you in quitting smoking traditional cigarettes.

Smoking e-cigarettes can still result in addiction and have unfavorable effects on your health. This is the reason why even if most people think it’s better and safer, it’s advisable that you try to quit smoking any type of cigarette as quickly as possible.

Quitting an addictive habit is not easy, though. We’ve gathered some key tips on how to stop electronic cigarette smoking altogether.

Get Up and Get Moving

You can tackle the psychological and physical effects of slowly quitting your electronic smoking routine with exercising regularly. Moving your body will help you combat the cravings to keep smoking. Your mind will be too busy dealing with your exercise, and your body will forget the urge the smoke.

Exercises that help you stop smoking:

  • Running

You don’t need to go long distances on your first day. You can always start with a distance gth that’s short then gradually increase it. Completing a 5K race will help you stay smoke-free.

  • Aerobics

This exercise can help you improve your heart and lungs’ efficiency. Doing aerobics regularly will help you transport more oxygen to your tissues and banish carbon dioxide better.

  • Cardio workouts

Cardio exercises such as biking, stair climbing, and skiing will help you develop the better health of your cardiovascular and strength.

  • Brisk walking

This exercise can improve your blood circulation, improving the supply of your oxygen and your heart function. 

Get Ready to Pamper Yourself

If you want to quit smoking, getting a massage can help you a lot. Massages can be helpful to you in different ways. They help you feel relaxed, and assist in relieving the agitation that you may feel because of nicotine withdrawal.

Some people smoke to feel relaxed, to help them forget stress and anxiety. Massages have the same effect, which can help you fight off the craving to puff. 

Work on Your Diet

Certain drinks and food can be handy when you’re attempting to quit electronic cigarette smoking. Food and drinks that can help you quit smoking e-cigarettes:

  • Ginger

Ginger can help you curb the pleasure that you feel when you smoke. If you consume this regularly, it can help cut back the satisfaction you feel when smoking.

  • Milk

If you drink a glass of milk before you smoke, the cigarette will taste terrible on your tongue. Thus, you can trick yourself into feeling disgusted by the taste of smoking if you drink milk prior to having a cigarette.

  • Nuts

They’ve been proven to help curb cravings since your hands are busy picking them up and putting them in your mouth. Plus, they’re excellent sources of protein, energy, and nutrients.

  • Salty food

Salty tastes can help you fend off the need to puff on a cigarette.

You have to keep in mind that you don’t need to make drastic changes in your diet. You can keep eating what you want, but add in these foods and drinks to your meals.

Seek Help From a Professional

If it’s too difficult to stop on your own, get help from a professional. Quitting electronic cigarettes is related to not just your smoking habit but your day to day routines as well. These are difficult things to change.

You may feel uncomfortable when you begin, but should remember that these professionals are on your side, and with their help, your chances of stopping can be increased.

Never Go Through It All By Yourself

Stopping your habits of smoking electronic cigarettes is more of a battle of mind and will. This is why you should get help as much as you can because you’d need guidance, support, motivation, and encouragement from people closest to you. Surround yourself with your family and friends who’ll give you support. And they should give you helpful criticisms when you need it.

You can also join organizations full of people who will understand what you’re going through right now. Organizations such as Ecassoc that may help you stop your electronic cigarette smoking habit:

  • The Foundation For a Smokefree America

They can educate you about the threats of smoking and different smoking cessation techniques.

  • National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation

They will help make a “Quit Plan,” which will provide you with a checklist to help you stop electronic cigarette smoking.

  • QuitNet

They will give you the support you need to help quit. They believe in the idea that you can stop with the help of the community.

You might be thinking that it’s hard to quit smoking, but you also have to think about the benefits of doing so. You’ll become healthier, stronger, and will live longer; these things outweigh the pleasure you feel from having a smoke. And you can only experience these benefits if you stop.

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