Managing Anxiety and Your Education


Having a great education today is more important than ever. In the United States, more and more people are seeking and obtaining college degrees, graduate degrees, and certificates — despite the rising costs of a superior college education. If you want to compete in today’s job market, you need to have a great education and the paperwork to prove it.

But getting that education isn’t easy — especially when you’re struggling with anxiety. Anxiety issues, when viewed as a category, are the most common form of mental health disorder. For roughly 40 million Americans, anxiety is a daily reality that must be coped with, countered, and overcome to accomplish the important things in life.

Anxiety has a lot of power to mess up our school schedules, our productivity, and the quality of our work. But we can fight back. Here are a few options to consider as you try to succeed in school despite your anxiety.

Work with experts inside and outside of school

The first thing you should do when dealing with a mental health issue such as anxiety is to team up with a professional who knows mental health. A psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist can be a huge help when things get tough.

You should consider chatting with your school’s officials, too. Your school may have on-campus therapists to work with, and your school’s administration may be willing to help accommodate some of your issues in your schedule or school life.

Consider natural treatments like CBD

You could opt for medical treatments of your anxiety by teaming up with a psychiatrist — psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe medications. But you don’t necessarily need a prescription to ease your anxiety symptoms. You should consider over-the-counter options, like CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid — one of the active chemicals within the drug marijuana. It’s non-psychoactive, which means that it won’t get you high (marijuana will, of course, but CBD won’t do so on its own — and it’s available in isolated forms). And CBD is known to ease symptoms of anxiety.

For more on CBD, check out reliable brand names like receptra cbd oil and ask your mental health care provider about it. Adding CBD to your daily routine could help you stay on track in school. And, of course, you can find lots of other natural health solutions to play a part in your healthy lifestyle.

Try meditation, yoga, and other mind-clearing activities

Anxiety stresses us out and causes our mind to wander from the tasks at hand and into the dark world of our deep fears and insecurities. To overcome this, we need to bring our minds back. We can cultivate that kind of mindness with centering activities such as yoga and meditation. Take a break, think about nothing, and practice your breathing. Whether you’re practicing a formal discipline such as meditation or simply taking a walk around the block, taking a moment for yourself is key to keeping your cool and beating your anxiety symptoms.

Take another look at your schedule and habits

Staying on track in school is tough when your schedule is disorganized. So take a look at your daily routines and the time that you’re committing to your classes. Does it look right? Are your schedules consistent, so that you can make waking up at the right time and getting to the right class a habit?

If you’re busy, you may want to consider how your school schedule could be made to fit your life better. Maybe it’s time to take an online learning self-assessment and take a look at online degree programs. Or maybe a part-time or low-residency program is right for you. High-tech modern education options make it easier than ever to fit school into your schedule.