Massage is highly recommended as a way to deal with both acute and chronic pain. Skilled massage therapists use certain techniques that work on sore, strained muscles. With a massage chair that is motorized, many of the strokes that are performed by professional therapists can be used in your office at any time.

Massage Chairs in the Workplace

Massage Chair Benefits

Immediate treatment for injuries such as a strained back or pulled muscle may consist of avoiding straining, applying ice and taking pain relievers for a couple of days. Ongoing pain is usually an indication of other health issues like a cervical disk or arthritis that should be assessed by a physician. Massage is often included in treatment to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

Massage helps to relieve tension, relax the body and soothe aching muscles. Various forms of massage can provide health benefits like easing anxiety, stimulating circulation, relieving headaches, boosting immunity and improving digestion. Some of the health benefits that are derived from a massage chair include the following:

Aligning the Spine

A massage chair helps to reduce the amount of pressure on nerves and align the spine. The reclining position minimizes pressure on the spine while a horizontal position supports the back. The vertebrae consist of major nerves that run through it to different areas of the body such as the toes, fingers, hands, and feet.

Misaligned vertebrae or tension within the spine can compress the nerves. When the muscles that are responsible for supporting the vertebrae are relaxed, this causes the spine to lengthen as the natural alignment of the vertebrae is restored. Freeing the nerves from pressure makes it possible for a nerve impulse to easily travel through the spine and reach the extremities. Learn more about Masahepanda here.

Good Posture and Relaxing the Muscles

Massage chairs work by targeting certain muscles and utilize different types of stokes to ease the pain. While muscles relax, the imbalances are rectified. Relaxed muscles enable the body to become more mobile.

Using a different set of muscles is the natural tendency to compensate and alleviate pain.  This ends up placing excessive stress on the adjacent ligaments and muscles. For instance, someone may sit unevenly to ease the pressure on a sore hip. A massage chair is useful for improving balance and posture.

Relieving Stress

Aside from affecting mental wellbeing, stress also has a physiological effect on health. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, loss of appetite or lack of sleep. Alleviating stress is essential for reducing the cortisol levels in the bloodstream and controlling blood pressure.

Improving Circulation

Increasing circulation helps to promote the healing process. Blood transports oxygen as well as nutrients to organs and cells while removing toxins. Tense, constricted muscles can disrupt blood flow. Relaxing the muscles can increase blood flow to the organs and tissues. Massage can also strengthen the immune system.

General Wellbeing

Endorphins refer to the neurotransmitters that reduce the impact of stress and lessen the perception of pain. Endorphins provide a general feeling of well-being and improve immune response. Massage helps to trigger the production of endorphins. Along with easing aches and pains, massage chairs can lower stress and aid relaxation. It can have a positive and significant effect on your mental and physical health.