Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss


Extreme body weight has now become one of the most common health-related issues.  The main causes of the problems are overly eaten junk foods, irregular or nobody workout, carelessness with your health,…etc and also many more. If you think just a regular exercise and having some weight loss medicines will shape your body in the right tone, you are unfortunately wrong. However, regular body workout is necessary and undoubtedly plays a vital role to give your body healthy muscles and boost the immune system. But you also need to take care of your meal.

Your meal should contain a balanced diet. If you are in dieting to reduce your weight, you are strictly recommended once consult with your expert physicians.  The reason is that dieting never means to burn your entire calories and fats. In the lack of fats, proteins, and calories, you will more lose your energy which may lead to some serious issues like extra weakness, low sugar, and blood pressure,…etc.  Therefore, for the health seekers, we are here with the perfect and appropriate meal plan for extreme weight loss prescribed by the expert physicians and health specialists.

Don’t Restrict Extreme Calorie:

Weight loss is not the process of just a week or month. It may take a year or two. Many companies or gym trainers boast to reduce weight in a short timeframe. But the healthcare experts strictly say don’t indulge such kind of false plea. It may also harm your body’s immune system due to the extreme burn of calories and necessary fats. However, 1 or 2 pounds of weight can be reduced in a week.


It’s very necessary to lose weight at a healthy rate. The expert physicians always suggest reducing 500-1000 calories from the usual intake daily. Weight loss seekers are also advised to calculate the estimated calories you eat the whole day long and now subtract it from 500-1000 calories (the standard amount of calories to be reduced to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week).   For instance, you take 2500 calories in a day; it means you need to reduce 2000 to 1500 calories in a day to lose 1 or 2 pounds of weight in a week. For women, it’s necessary to intake a minimum of 1200 calories in a day and 18,000 calories for men.

Take Healthy & Balanced Diet:

To reduce your weight, starvation diet is not the right solution.  You, rather, should have a balanced diet in your meal. Many published studies and health researches show that the people who include healthy foods in their diet plan such as fresh fruits, green vegetables, grains, and nuts are stronger and thinner with a comparison to one who includes more junk foods, soda, potato chips, and meat,….etc.  Therefore, if you wish to reduce weight, just take more and more fruits and green vegetables. So that you can intake enough calories and fiber in less diet as well as hold off your hunger.

Prepare Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

To reduce weight you should eat a healthy meal at your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. Here, we are intended for sharing some healthy recipes for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner—

Breakfast Recipe—

  • A poached egg on a slice of the wheat toast with a cup of sliced strawberries (420 calories)
  • Half cup low-fat cheese with a sliced banana and two teaspoons of peanut butter (440 calories)

Lunch Recipe—

  • 2 cups of minestrone soup with grain crackers and 1 ounce of less fatty cheddar cheese (410 calories)
  • A salad with 1 cup of quinoa tossed, 1 cup mixed raw veggies like tomatoes, red onions and peppers and grated ginger (390 calories)

Dinner Recipe—

  • 3 ounces grilled chicken breast with a half cup of tomato sauce and 1 ounce of less fatty mozzarella cheese (425 calories)
  • 1 cup of spaghetti with 12 peanuts along with chopped celery, onions sautéed with 1 teaspoon vegetable oil (405 calories)


Along with healthy diet planning, you also need to focus on routine body workout. Just 30-minute daily exercise can reduce extra fats and burn calories and boost immunity as well. You should include both aerobic and strength-training exercises like fast walking, jogging, rope jumping, pushups and weight lifting, etc.  You may also join aerobic or some yoga classes under the guidance of expert trainers. Once after the recommended weight loss and fitness level improvement, you can increase your workout timeframe from 30 to 60 minutes in a day in order to burn more calories and fats. But don’t forget to consult with your expert trainers or doctor’s supervision.

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