essnetial oils

Essential oils are something of a misnomer as they are often extracts more than they are oils. While some essential oils are in fact oils, many if not most of them are not. What makes essential oils “essential” is that they are generally the extracted portions of the most healing properties of a wide variety of plants. Here are five reasons why you should be using essential oils.

1.) They are biocompatible

Your body innately knows how to use the healing compounds contained in essential oils because your body is made of all the same components found in the essential oils. Agents created in a laboratory don’t exist in nature and therefore are not bio-compatible.

2.) They do many of the same things other chemicals do – without the toxins

Household cleaners can contain a number of toxic chemicals. Essential oils do many of the same things that commercial cleansers do, but without any of the toxic byproducts. Lemon oil is an excellent anti-bacterial agent that can clean deep into the crevices of cutting boards and other kitchen surfaces. Lavender oil is an excellent burn remedy that will actually stop burns from spreading.

3.) They affect hormones and neurotransmitters

Essential oils can actually balance out out-of-control hormones and have a direct effect on neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Essential oils have been shown to have a significant impact on a number of mental health issues, like depression, anxiety and other forms of neurosis.

4.) Their properties have been studied for centuries

While the method of extracting plant properties into “essential oils” may be a relatively new one, the science is based on the study of plant properties that dates back centuries. Whereas Eastern healers once used dried plants and herbs to create teas and compresses to aid in healing, now many of the same therapies are used via essential oils.

5.) The uses for essential oils are almost limitless

From cleaning clothes to alleviating migraines, new uses for essential oils are being discovered every day. There are a number of different reputable companies like Davina Wellness that not only sell (and often source) the essential oils themselves, but are excellent resources for learning about essential oils and how they can be used.

Once thought of as being the domain of “hippies” and alternative medicine nuts, essential oils are making their way more and more into mainstream Western medicine. A wide range of medical professionals from doctors to psychotherapists to specialists in sports medicine are finding shocking benefits from the use of essential oils.