Pros and cons of getting a Nose Job

Pros and cons of getting a Nose Job


The cosmetic practices are now set on the course of the greater rise and now serve more benefits than before. People are quite aware of the fact that the tiniest part of your face also impacts on your overall personality. People are now willing to pay anything to get things right for their faces. This brings up to another invasive cosmetic practice, rhinoplasty or nose job, which primarily focuses on the nose in the face. Facial surgery procedures professionals like Dr William Mooney design the flawed nose. The nose is the center and most important part of the face, which sometimes looks abnormal or erroneous on the face. Yet it is not to blame anyone for lacking these qualities, but some people also want their nose to look more beautiful and fleshy.


Nose job, for instance, designs the looks of your face by customizing the nose for your needs. You also have to make sure that you are making the right decision for plastic surgery. The choice for the type and design of the nose job also stands out as the primary step before getting a nose job. According to a study in the US, more than 7.23 million surgeries were carried out that primarily focussed on cosmetic features. Although these numbers are just for the year 2017, while they are on the loose ever since, let’s discuss some pros and cons of getting a nose job.


Pros of Nose Job


  • Fixing Deformity

Many people face the birth deformities, which also counts some on the nose. Birth deformities require special considerations and monitoring to find the correctness. However, rhinoplasty, on the other side has a huge benefits lineup for fixing nose deformity. Nose job fixes the deformity issues by adjusting the nasal height as well as its point. Moreover, rhinoplasty also assists in the removal of extra tissue by adding the plastics and filling the sides.


Many deformed nose people have higher expectations, but they cannot explain to the experts. These types of people also face negative responses from society like bullies and resentment. However, nose job experts are always aware of these facts and aids in correcting these issues by satisfying your expectations.


  • Easier Breathing

Some people experience breathing difficulties that are either from an accident or deformities of birth. These problems arise because of the damaged nasal cavity or the tight nasal passages, which reduces the passage of air. However, the nose job helps in alleviating these problems with special surgical procedures. The nose job fixes the nasal obstruction by getting the insights of the nasal passage. Then it removes extra cartilage and replaces it with a thin plastic layer.


  • High Confidence

Nose job increases the confidence of your personality by removing the defects, deformities and giving an extra natural look. If you are on the side of fearing that you have a pointy or flat nose, you get two choices. Either you will have to live your life with it, or you can avail the benefits of the nose job. In the end, it is about you, so live your life however you like it.


  • Fashion Standards

Nose job adds extra value to the fashion standards that are followed around the globe. When it comes to your life, you can live it without limiting yourself to society. Fashion standards are also seen for picking a lot of interests in the past months. This means that it might be the right time to get a nose job. A nose job can increase your attractiveness with the latest fashion class and standard.


  • Exemption from Sinus Infections

The irregular and deformed nose is the major reason many people continuously attract sinus infections. Meanwhile, a nose job helps the frequent sinus infections by reforming the nose with special surgical procedures. Plus, consult your doctor whether you can get the plastic surgery for your nose or not.


Nose job holds the ability to fix the sinus infections by making improvements to the nasal structures. Your nose requires optimal functioning, which is not possible if you are prone to sinus infections. This nasal obstruction also leads to dry mouth and bad breath. However, the nose job surgery effectively straightens the nasal structure and makes the space for proper air passage.


Cons of Nose Job

Apart from the remarkable benefits, nose job also holds numerous cons.


  • Surgical Recovery

After the successful nose job, the work is not completely done. The experts will recommend you to rest while plastic or metal cage will be laid out to bring the nose to the proper shape. Sometimes serious issues like difficulty in breathing, pain or flu arise which puts you on the bed rest for weeks. For that, the surgical staff is assigned to you to keep track of your health as well as the nose shape. These facts drawback from getting the nose fixed as soon as possible. Plus, the nose job makes life more uncomfortable rather than settling it. Apart from the nasal splints, some people also go through severe bruises and swelling from the surgical practices. In short, the surgical recovery will take around three to six weeks to get back on track.


  • Side Effects

Every beneficial item that holds prestigious benefits for your health includes side effects too. Professional use anesthetics to induce anesthesia in patients before the surgery. This drug doesn’t run longer and last within 24 hours. The possible side effects of the drug may contain dizziness, vomiting, decreased reflexes, and short memory. With that said, always make sure to have a family member or friend to take care of you after the surgery.


Plus many people also have to go through the bleeding and mucus after the nose job. You will also have to cope with these situations by placing the cloths or pad for several hours.


  • Cost

Last but not least setback for getting the nose job is its hefty price. The nose job is, without any doubt, pretty expensive and difficult to afford. The average cost of the nose job is around $5,350, which includes all services like anesthesia, hospital costs, medical fees, and surgeon fee as well. The price is also dependent on the amount of work and your satisfaction with the rhinoplasty.


Final Words

If you have decided to get a nose job, it is important that you discuss it with your surgeon beforehand. The nose surgeries are not always perfect, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot benefits your nose. However, an initial discussion and recommendation about your nose surgery with the surgeon assist you in making the right choice. In the end, it is your decision whether you want to alter your looks or not.

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