Services Offered at Houston’s Best Assisting Hands Home Care


This is a facility that offers differentiated care giving services. Every caregiver is qualified and competent to offer the best possible services to their care seekers. The selection process at Assisting Hands is thorough and every potential care giver has their background and qualifications screened. The facility, through these qualified caregivers offers the following services:

Specialized elderly care

According to healthcare professionals and clinicians, the elderly are better cared for in the comfort of their homes. This is especially important when the elderly individuals suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The familiarity of their homes makes it easier for them to cope or retrieve some memories. This has therefore been a celebrated option rather than institutionalizing.

Assisting Hands Home Care keeps this in mind and offers care to the seniors. With professional caregivers, the elderly individuals receive specialized care as well as coordinated care with the care seeker’s healthcare facility or doctor.

Medical alert systems

Technological advancements have been adapted by Assisting Hands to ensure that prompt medical attention is given to all under the facility’s care. There is a software application used that relays information and alerts to relevant caregivers and medical teams in case there are emergencies.

Personalized home care

The elderly, persons with handicaps or individuals recuperating at home require detailed and personalized care. Assisting hands – northeast Houston and other excellent facilities in Texas will offer personalized care in terms of elderly companionship, medication reminders, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, shopping and in other cases, they will do laundry and run errands.

elderly care

The caregivers are well-qualified and professional. Above that, they exude a warm personality and with time of caring for the elderly or the sick, they develop good friendships and trust for each other.

Specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Persons with dementia tend to be erratic and they require specialized care and attention from a reliable person. Your loved one should be well cared for especially at their lowest or most erratic times.

Special medications, reminders on taking medicine, doctor visits and simple exercises to jerk the brain are necessary. Good nutritional care is also necessary and these will be provided by the best care givers.

Recovery/ post-surgery care

Transportation, home care, hospital visits, medical reminder, meal preparation, bathing, laundry, errands, shopping, and exercising are some of the services offered to individuals who are recuperating. Some of these cases are temporary while others are permanent.

However, same care and attention will be offered to all individuals regardless of their medical state and the time they take to recover. Persons with handicaps are also cared for.

Security installations

To ensure that all patients receive care even when a caregiver is out, there are video monitoring services available, giving caregivers and loved ones a chance to keep the elderly or the patient safe.

Risk assessments for falls and prevention strategies against the falls are carried out to keep the persons in need safe. Placement of assistive devices could also be recommended.

In conclusion, the best facilities offering home care are passionate about offering the best care seekers comfortable, safe and healthy. Therefore, they will do all they can to help.

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