5 Ways to Enjoy a Greater Spiritual Connection with Yourself


People often think they should sit cross-legged on mountain tops to be more spiritual. However, you don’t need to go to such lengths to enjoy a greater connection to your inner self. There are a few ways to can find a deeper connection with who you are and become a better person because of it. Improving your physical and mental health. You can do this with help from guides and healers or try some things on your own. Here are five ways you can enjoy a greater spiritual connection with yourself:

Past life regression

A therapy which involves connecting to your past life memories hidden deep within your super conscious. You are guided through each step, from breathing techniques and imagery to put you into a calm trance-like state. Then you delve into your past life memories, good and bad and explore how they affect your daily life today. By discovering new traits about yourself and what you have experienced in your past life, you can build and grow as a person. For more about past life regression therapy visit https://pastliferegressionqhht.com.


A way of finding hidden or deep thoughts within your subconscious that are difficult for you to bring to the surface. During hypnotherapy sessions, you will but put into a sleep like state and asked questions which you will answer open and honestly tapping into your subconscious thoughts. This kind of session can help you to uncover why you are suffering with illnesses or symptoms such as anxiety and depression. You must be open minded for this kind of therapy to work.

Yoga and meditation

Known to improve both your body and your mind, Yoga and meditation are a great way to begin connecting with yourself. You can join a class and learn from a qualified teacher who will guide you through the moves and breathing techniques. Or, you can try this at home by yourself perhaps watching a DVD or online video tutorial to learn the basics. Whichever way you decide to try Yoga, once you start practicing it gives you a sense of balance and connection with your inner self.

Disconnecting from technology

Having technology free days can do wonders for your mental wellbeing we are constantly connected to the outside world by social media, messages and phone calls. And whist we might enjoy this part of a life it can give you a feeling of relief to have some technology free time. Disconnecting from the online world for a short time will give you more time to be mindful and reconnect with yourself.

Get outdoors and exercise

It is well known that being outdoors in the fresh air and around nature can do wonders for all aspects of your health. Again, this is about time and giving you the space to check in with yourself.  Being in a natural environment and walking or doing any other form of exercise releases stress and increases your happiness. In this state of mind, you are more likely to think more openly about how you are feeling and work through any niggling problems.

There are just five ways some very easy and some to help you delve a bit deeper into who you are. Choose to connect to yourself more often and become happier and healthier in all aspects of your life.

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