Stress Less Holistic Approaches to Addressing

Anxiety is a common disorder that affects 40 million American adults over the age of 18. While many doctors choose to treat this disorder with medicine, there are several holistic methods available to help reduce anxiety. Read on for four holistic ways to help eliminate anxiety.

Use Lavender Diffusers

Lavender has been used for years to reduce anxiety. According to several studies, lavender is incredibly effective when it comes to its anti-anxiety benefits. These studies show that the scent of lavender alone can improve one’s mood and anxiety. For this reason, lavender diffusers are quite effective in treating anxiety. When using the diffuser, pour in the lavender essential and wait for the scent to disperse throughout the room. Many individuals find that their anxiety is best treated as they use the diffusers at bedtime.

Try CBD Oil

Another majorly effective holistic anxiety treatment is CBD oil. While CBD is often confused with THC, CBD oil doesn’t get its users high but promotes a relaxing sensation throughout the body. Completely natural and effective for treating anxiety, CBD oil interacts with the brain’s CB1 receptors by working to calm the body. When treating anxiety, CBD oil can be added to foods, drinks, taking orally or topically. After speaking with a doctor about treating anxiety with CBD oil, visit Rocky Road Remedies dispensaries to try this treatment for yourself.

Use Crushed Chamomile Bulbs

Chamomile is another age-old treatment for anxiety. Its calming properties are often used in chamomile tea and consumed regularly to take advantage of its benefits. To really make the most of this treatment, many people use crushed chamomile bulbs. The bulbs can be purchased from farmers’ market or grown in one’s backyard. By crushing the bulbs of chamomile, the volatile oils will be released into the tea and will allow drinkers to take full advantage of the calming effects.

Apply Sandalwood Oil Lotions

Sandalwood oil is one more holistic treatment that is a natural way to treat anxiety. While this essential oil can be used for aromatherapy purposes, it is also commonly used in lotions. Apply this treatment topically to feel the effects of this natural product.

While anxiety is treated through a variety of ways, holistic therapies serve to eliminate stress and improve one’s overall health. Be sure to try these ideas next time you’re feeling particularly anxious, and consult with a doctor if you feel you need stronger treatments.