Struggling with PTSD? The Best Ways to Get Help Now


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone that’s experienced a traumatic event. It can completely overwhelm you if you aren’t prepared for how to deal with it. Having a support structure may be one of the best ways to see you through to the other side. Here are some of the best ways that you can get help now.


Contact an Outreach Organization

There are outreach organizations that can direct you along the right path to get help. Some of them may be able to refer you to a specialist right away, depending on the severity of your symptoms. The Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America are good resources to help you get the help that you need.


Schedule a Doctor’s Visit

You may be delaying scheduling a visit with your doctor because you can’t get a appointment time that works for you. Another concern you may have is that you don’t want to be labeled as crazy or looked down upon by those around you. In this age of technology, there isn’t any need for you to make a trip down to the doctor’s office. You can schedule online doctor visits so that you can get help in a timelier manner that works with your schedule.


Learn Coping Techniques

For more mild cases of PTSD, you may be able to learn some coping mechanisms that can help to quiet your symptoms. Start an exercise program so that you can work through whatever is causing you to have flashbacks about the incident. Isolating yourself won’t help you get your life back. Volunteer your time so that you can feel as though you have a connection to the world again.


Ask for Help

Talk to your family and friends about what you’re feeling. The simple act of sharing can help to relieve some of the burden that you’re experiencing. Consider seeing a psychologist to give you a safe place to discuss what is bothering you. You may want to join a support group for other PTSD survivors. This can help you to learn that you aren’t alone in dealing with these issues.


PTSD is an unpredictable condition that may be with you for the rest of your life. You’re going to have to confront it sooner or later. Delaying treatment can only serve to prolong unnecessary suffering and your feelings of abandonment. Getting help now is the best course of action.

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