Surprising facts you did not know about marijuana



The first thing that comes to mind when we hear marijuana is that it is one of the most commonly abused drugs which is banned in most countries, although it has certain medical purposes. There is a great debate going on among us whether it should be further legalized due to its advantages, but not everyone is convinced. Whether that should be done is an entirely separate debate, but the fact is that the world is increasingly supporting the use of marijuana. It is now legal in 8 states within the United States while 21 has allowed its use for medical purposes. Marijuana is commonly used in medicines, as Shango marijuana concentrates are commonly found in many medicines consumed every day. But how much do we know about the drug and who discovered its effect would be discussed further in this article below.

  1. Marijuana origins:

Although you may think otherwise, marijuana has been around for awhile, although no one knows when it was used for the first time. According to several sources, the oldest references date back to 2727 B.C. when it was used by the Chinese Emperor Shen Sung who used it for its medical benefits. However, there are several contradictions with the above statement since the first emperor of a unified China was Qin Shi Huang, who was born around 260 B.C. more than two thousand years later than Shen Sung. Even if Shen Sung existed, he was not an emperor, and no data of his medical experiments is available now. This makes the Shen Sung theory more myth than fact as the origin of the discovery of marijuana is pretty much lost in prehistory. Nevertheless, the Chinese still deserve a little credit as the Taiwanese were using hemp fibers to decorate their ornaments over 10,000 years ago.

  1. Use of Hemp:

The marijuana plant is not only reserved for smoking purposes. The fibers can also be converted into rope or fabric and have even been used to transport giant stones. In 2012, archaeologists created copies of the statues located in the Easter Islands so that they could figure out how people in ancient times moved the heavy heads weighing around 4.35 metric tons from their quarry. Although several suggestions were given from log rollers to extraterrestrial help, it was proved in 2012 that helm rope was used for this task. Three ropes were attached to the head of the statue, and a group consisting of 20 people moved it back and forth and were able to cover a distance of a hundred meters in an hour. It was theorized that the ancient people would have used woody shrubs similar to marijuana to create ropes instead.

  1. Hemp vs Pot:

The majority of people use these words interchangeably, which is wrong. There is a clear difference between the two which is based upon their genetics. There is a difference is the genetic alteration between cannabis plants(Pot) and industrial hemp plants since hemp plants are not that great for smoking purposes compared to cannabis. Although industrial hemp plants belong to the same species as the marijuana plant but do not produce tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) which is present in pot. The reason Hemp plants fail to produce it is that they lack a gene that produces THCA. Although marijuana plants do create THCA but do not produce the substance called cannabidiol acid (CBDA) which is present in huge quantities in Hemp.

  1. Effects on Gender:

Although both males and females are prone to addiction to marijuana, the experience that they encounter with the drugs is different. According to several studies conducted, it was found that women were highly sensitive to the painkilling abilities of marijuana, although they were able to tolerate the drugs far better than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, it may contribute to the negative side effects of the drug and dependency on it since their body will adapt to a higher percentage of it in the bloodstream and hence crave it after the drug is out of the system. The hormone estrogen may play a part in it since women were more sensitive to the effects of marijuana when they were in the ovulation stage when the estrogen level is the highest.

  1. Effect on heart:

There is a huge debate about how the potential use of marijuana will have on your heart. Although people say that it may have an effect on your brains, such as the increased risk of getting schizophrenia and another psychotic disaster, it also may increase the chances of you getting a heart attack. According to a study conducted, around 2 percent of the people suffered heart attacks with nine being fatal. It was found that marijuana can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which may potentially cause a heart attack if a person is in the danger zone. Although marijuana has been given the title of being a medical drug, it also has some negative aspects which everyone should keep in mind before using it in high dosage.

  1. A certain percentage is present in the air:

You may not believe it, but there are certain places across the world where you can expect a cloud of marijuana smoke. You may be thinking about legalized rallies perhaps but how about the city of Rome. It as found in a study that traces of marijuana were found near the Colosseum and the Pantheon apart from being present in other Italian cities. Many cities were examined to check the percentage of drugs such as Cocaine and Marijuana in the air and Turin was the city with the highest percentage of drugs while Florence had the highest percentage of Marijuana. You do not need to worry if you were thinking about going to Italy for a holiday since the percentage is still far lower to affect human health, but people are hoping for some policy to limit the amount of smoking done in the cities.


To summarize, there are several uses of marijuana which can be both good and bad for our health. The Hemp plant has several uses and is used for medical purposes apart from being used to build ropes and fabric, but the amount of smoking which is done should be limited since it may increase the chances of you catching other diseases. You should be careful when deciding to use marijuana for smoking purposes since large quantities will be dangerous for you and those people who are in your proximity.


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