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Cancer is a frightening diagnosis that often leaves the patient with very few options. Medicine is working on improved treatment options that are starting to show some success. Here are some of the latest cancer treatments that are available that can improve your survivability.

Enhanced Radiation Options

Radiation therapy is more targeted in nature so that there is minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. This can be done through the use of either external or internal means. External beam therapy is also referred to as teletherapy. This is where you lay in a machine that will beam the radiation into your body near the tumor. The second method is brachytherapy. This involves an implant being surgically placed near the tumor and releases radiation doses in order to shrink or eradicate your cancer.

Targeted Immunotherapies

There are lots of different types of immunotherapies that are available. The exact type will depend on the type of cancer that you have, tumor location, and how widespread your cancer has become. For example, hormone therapy is proving to be effective in the treatment of certain types of cancer even without the use of chemotherapy. The idea behind immunotherapy is that it works to stimulate your immune system to help your body rid itself of the cancer cells.

Holistic Treatment Plans

Visiting a cancer center for treatment is another common option so that you can receive a more holistic approach to your treatment plan. You can still receive the latest in treatment therapies but these types of centers also tend to be more patient oriented. What this means is that they focus on you as a person instead of just a specific cancer diagnosis. They also tend to combine quality of life, nutrition plans, and mental health as a part of their treatment regimen.

Stem Cell Solutions

Chemotherapy is very toxic for your body. It also can be very effective at eradicating your cancer cells. Combining stem cell treatments with chemotherapy can help to ensure that you remain healthy after you’ve beat your cancer. For certain types of blood cancers, it may be beneficial to combine chemotherapy with stem cell treatment in order to give you the best chance at leading a healthy life. The stem cells can aid you in growing new and healthy cells that were destroyed during treatment.

As medicine continues to advance, there will be even better treatments that are devised. Consider these medical advancements that are working to enhance your quality of life and help you to overcome a cancer diagnosis.