The Skinny on Skin Cancer: 4 Common Types of Melanoma and How to Spot Them


Cancer is nothing to ignore or be in denial about. Skin cancer is, perhaps, one of the easiest kinds of cancer to pretend isn’t really cancer, because it can often be ignored or explained away. However, skin cancer is still cancer and can be just as lethal as any other types of cancer. To ensure that you remain healthy, this article will cover the four main types of melanoma, also called skin cancer, and how you can determine if they’re cancerous or just freckles.

Superficial Spreading Melanoma

This type of melanoma is the most common. Typically, this form is found legs, arms, back, and chest area. At first, the melanoma grows slowly, but then it spreads out across your skin. You can usually tell if you have superficial spreading melanoma if you notice that the supposed freckle or mole is multiplying on your skin. It also typically loses its border. Freckles have a contained border, while superficial spreading melanoma does not. In addition, you may also feel a lump beneath the mark.

Nodular Melanoma

This is the second most common type of skin cancer. You can usually spot this type on account of its color. Where superficial may be more of a brown color, nodular is redder. It also spreads more quickly. This type of melanoma is most commonly developed on the neck, chest, back, or head.

Lentigo Maligna Melanoma

While this form of melanoma is less common than the previous two types, it does tend to affect older individuals who have seen a lot of sun exposure. Typically, this type is common in the neck or face area. It begins from what is known as a Hutchinson’s freckle that is pre-cancerous. Typically, it looks like a stain on your skin. Luckily, this form is slow in its growth and is considered to be less dangerous than other types of melanoma.

Acral Lentiginious Melanoma

For those who have darker skin, this form of melanoma is most likely to affect you. That said, this type of skin cancer is extremely rare. It is typically found on the palms of your feet, hands, and underneath your toenails and fingernails. Interestingly, this form of melanoma is not thought to be caused by sun exposure.

If you notice a freckle that seems to lack a clear border, changes color, is asymmetrical, or has a large width, then it may be possible that you have one of the types of melanoma listed above. You should see your doctor as soon as possible for melanoma cancer treatment services to ensure you remain in good health.

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