Children have a weak immune system, and this is the reason why they are more prone to getting infected as compared to adults. Such infections result in a constant reduction in appetite along with low metabolism. A child with a weak immune system is usually cranky and unhappy. To keep away from all these hassles, various mothers trust Patanjali products to enhance their child’s immunity. Patanjali products work wonders for children.

Patanjali Products


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Today we’ll talk in detail about such products. These products are not just reasonably priced but also easily available. Here’s a list of Patanjali products that will keep a tab on your child’s immunity:

  1. Patanjali Arvindasava

This supertonic helps in treating children suffering from a cough and cold, chest congestion, rickets, and constipation. The main content of this tonic is Arvind, which is commonly known as a lotus flower. It helps in improving the appetite of your children, along with increasing their mental and physical health.


  1. Patanjali Chyawanprash

Patanjali’s Chyawanprash is a well-known product which has multiple benefits. Apart from keeping cold and cough at bay, this helps in providing proper nourishment to the children. It also effectively treats throat and chest infections, gout, and urine infections. Furthermore, it improves intelligence, skin lustre, memory power, appetite, immunity, strengthens the sense organs, purifies the blood, acts as an antidepressant, and calms the nervous system. Just one spoonful of Patanjali’s Chyawanprash can do wonders for a child’s immune system.


  1. Patanjali GiloyGhanVati

This product is highly useful is curing fever and treating skin and urinary disorders. It is highly specialised in strengthening the immune system and building resistance to fight diseases. Also used to increase the platelet count of a person, this product is mostly used to cure conditions like jaundice, dengue, and tuberculosis. It also detoxifies and cleanses the whole system.


  1. Patanjali Amla Candy

Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C which offers a bunch of health benefits. This amla candy by Patanjali comes in both sweet and savoury flavour. Apart from tasting absolutely yummy, it helps in building resistance to respiratory tract diseases, curing indigestion, treating acidity, and improving the immune system.


  1. Patanjali DivyaBadam Rogan Almond Oil

This almond oil by Patanjali an extremely pure oil extracted from almonds and has a variety of medicinal as well as cosmetic uses. Children can improve their vitality, stay fit and healthy simply by adding a few drops of this oil to their glass of milk every day. Other than that, this oil can also be massaged on the scalp for nourishment and good blood circulation.


  1. DivyaSwasari Ras

It is a time-tested magic potion for treating problems like for a common cold, phlegm accumulated in your child’s chest along with a chronic cough. DivyaSwasari Ras helps in soothing throat irritation and efficiently curing cough. It helps in healing the cold by getting rid of viruses and dislodging the accumulated phlegm. Prepared from various natural extracts, this product also provides a long-term immunity and nourishment to your child.


  1. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali honey is a combination of fructose, minerals, vitamins, and various other nutritious ingredientsThe primary use of this product is to increase immunity, maintain the body weight, and give beautiful skin. Children can consume it with bread or in milk in their everyday diet to experience its wonderful benefits.


All the above mentioned Patanjali products have gained a lot of popularity in India in the recent years. They are known for the reasonable prices, usage of natural ingredients, and effectiveness. Incorporating these products into your child’s diet and lifestyle can help immensely in boosting their immunity in the long run.