Think You Need Glasses? 4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Visit the Optometrist


You don’t have to be near-blind to benefit from glasses. Your vision is one of your most powerful senses, and when it’s compromised, it can be very difficult to enjoy yourself and get things down. It’s no use to try and act as though your sight is okay when it clearly isn’t. These are four signs it’s time to visit the optometrist.

Eye Strain When Reading

If curling up with a good book has become less enjoyable, you might need to get glasses. If you’re reading on an electronic device, like a computer or a smartphone, you can make the text bigger. However, a book or a magazine is going to be one font, and that can often be quite small. Don’t reach for the magnifying glass. Instead, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with the eye doctor.

Trouble Driving

Even if you feel as if you can drive with your eyes closed, your vision goes a long way in terms of being a safe driver. There’s no such thing as being able to see “well enough” when driving. Your vision could be 95 percent perfect, and the five percent that isn’t could lead to you having an accident. For the safety of you and countless others on the road, you should make sure you have the proper means for clear vision.

Constantly Squinting

If you have to narrow your eyes to read a sign at the grocery store that’s no more than ten feet away, you definitely need to schedule an eye exam. Those with good vision taken for granted how painless it is to see and read things from a distance. With a good pair of glasses or contacts, your squinting days will soon be over.


Putting a strain on your eyes puts a strain on your brain, as well. If you find yourself constantly getting headaches and reaching for the ibuprofen, it could be from your vision troubles. The pain of these headaches could lead to a vicious cycle of further vision problems and more headaches.

Having to get glasses or some other type of vision correction doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means that you’re giving yourself a new start of clear vision and renewed focus in a number of ways. If you’ve been having trouble with your vision, schedule an appointment with a behavioral optometrist today, and look forward to a life of seeing everything in much finer detail.

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