Top misleading facts about vaping


Vaping is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. A lot of people drop normal cigarettes in favor of vaping and this is leading to even more people wanting to try it out. Those that have never had contact with this phenomenon before should know however that there are quite a few misconceptions about vaping. This that somehow got spread and just aren’t true. A lot of people are misled by these false facts and should know about the truth before getting into vaping. It would be useful to take a look at what you might have wrongfully heard other say before you become a frequent customer at MigVapor.

E-Cigarettes aren’t the same thing as vape pens

This is one of the most important things that you need to know. A lot of people are referring to vape pens as e-cigarettes or the other way around and this just spreads the confusion. An e-cig is basically the size of a regular cigarette and it differs from by through the fact that it’s electronic. These are made by top tobacco companies and can be found in gas stations for purchase. If you go in most vape shops, you won’t find these as they aren’t that popular among the vaping community. What the vaping community is using is called a vape pen, and it’s significantly different. It has a far wider selection of flavors for instance.

People are going for less nicotine

It might be a misconception for some to believe that vaping is a substitute for smoking. It is, no doubt, but many believe that people are vaping because it does contain a strong dose of nicotine. Studies have shown that people are actually drawn not by the strong nicotine vape liquids but actually the ones with the lowest amount of nicotine. Whether it’s because they are thinking about their health or just want a break from what they usually smoke completely, the fact is there.

Vaping isn’t more harmful than smoking

This is the principle that vaping was built out of, as people are looking for the healthier (if you can say so) alternative. However, there is a strong group of followers of the idea that vaping is actually worse than smoking in terms of the sheer damage it does to the user and the people around them. Without any evidence to sustain that, it’s just a bunch of rumors that happen to be false. In terms of studies and evidence, there are plenty to support the claim that vaping is a lot less harmful than real cigarettes, which is something worth taking into account.

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