Understanding the Different Types of CBD Products For Healthy Living



CBD has attracted the attention of many people due to it’s supposedly health improving properties. Not only is this substance used in the health and wellness world, but also in beauty care segments. It is a naturally occurring substance in marijuana. It’s used widely because of its therapeutic effects. But, the main reason why individuals love this compound is that it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, unlike other hemp compounds. Now, if it’s your first time trying CBD, you may wonder what types of cannabidiol products are available. Well, the market is full of CBD products in different forms that require different delivery methods. Let’s take a look at these forms and for more product comparisons, see here

Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil is made after Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant and mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp seed oil. This oil is also known as tinctures. Oils and tinctures are liquids that are infused with cannabidiol. Individuals who take CBD in this form use droppers to place a few drops under their tongues. They can also be added to beverages or foods and consumed.


Many people who use cannabidiol take it in capsule form. Capsules are convenient, easy to take, and find the right dosage. However, they take time to show effects since they have to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Capsules also don’t need refrigerating so individuals can store them anywhere. You’ll just need a beverage to wash down your capsule.


Vaping is yet another effective way of taking cannabidiol. In this form, CBD is infused in a vape juice and placed in a device called a pen. Then, users inhale this product using that vape pen. This is an excellent way for those who want fast results of CBD as it is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream. However, knowing the right dosage with this method is difficult. Hence, overdosing isn’t uncommon.


They’re slowly becoming an everyday supplement. Edibles of CBD present numerous benefits. One, they are convenient as one can easily and quickly take them. Plus, they are flavoured differently. So, if the taste of CBD disgusts you, they present a great alternative. Some popular CBD edibles include baked goods, gummies, chocolates, etc. But, edibles of cannabidiol take time to be absorbed. Therefore, you’ll wait for quite some time before experiencing the effects.


For those who suffer from chronic pain, CBD topicals are excellent products. That’s because they can be applied directly to the ailing area and bring a fast relief. For this reason, many consider them as the most effective natural pain relief option. Topicals include CBD infused creams, balms, lotion, and salves. These products can also improve skin issues such as acne.

CBD for Pets

Some individuals use this substance for their pets. This is a rapidly growing segment as per the pet market. Those with pets love taking advantage of cannabidiol therapeutic benefits for their furry friends. And these products work properly since just like humans, mammals contain endocannabinoid system which interacts with CBD. The market is full of CBD cat and dog treats, as well as skin balms for your pets.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, CBD products are available in many forms. Now to determine which product is suitable for you, there are few things one should consider, such as the purpose. What you’re planning to use cannabidiol oil for determines which form is right for you. For instance, for those with skin conditions, topicals will be right for them. Yet, those who suffer from anxiety should take CBD in oral forms.