Vaping Safety: What Do the Studies Say About E-Cigarettes?


Over the past decade, numerous studies have been performed on vaping. Some studies have been inconclusive while other have not been scientifically definitive. Moreover, nearly any excellent study needs to be performed over a lengthy time to get the most accurate results.

Today, when looking at all of the studies that have been performed, there are four key statements that can be made regarding the safety of vaping.

Tobacco Is Not Present

While there are thousands of chemicals in regular cigarettes, dozens of which may cause cancer, the most dangerous chemical is tobacco. Tobacco is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths in many developed countries. Because vaping does not use any tobacco, studies have shown that it is less likely to cause cancer than regular cigarettes are.

Nicotine Does Not Cause Cancer

Nicotine is present when vaping, but it has not been shown to directly cause cancer. In fact, some studies have shown that switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes reduces disease risk nearly as much as stopping smoking altogether does. According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, vaping with e-cigarettes is a good alternative to traditional smoking.

Second-Hand Inhalation Is Safer

In traditional smoking, anyone within range of the person with the lit cigarette can inhale harmful smoke, which can cause a risk for cancer even though that person isn’t smoking themselves.

However, vaping produces far less harmful secondary residue that cigarettes do, according to the US national Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. Some people even find the smell to be pleasing because most vaping liquids, such as those from The Vape Mall, use pleasant flavorings.

Smoking Cessation Tool

Because e-cigarette studies have so far shown that they are much safer than cigarettes, they are likely a great smoking cessation tool for those who wish to give up traditional cigarette use. Beyond the documented differences in danger when used, e-cigs smell and taste much better than cigarettes to most people, meaning they have a host of positives compared to cigarette use, making them a prime option for people who wish to quit smoking.

While it is not necessarily productive to take up vaping if one has never smoked, studies have shown that it is a much healthier habit than regular cigarette smoking is. This is proven by both scientific research as well as by anecdotal evidence. Indeed, vaping has successfully helped numerous individuals give up cigarette smoking, giving up an expensive and dangerous habit.

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