What are the Common Elderly Health Issues?


It is during this stage that the person starts losing their memory, and there is a constant decline in their physical appearance too.

It is not only about wrinkles or graying hair but the internal weakening of the body. As per studies, the chance of people being affected by health issues will significantly rise by 2050. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain good health individually and for people around.

Common elderly health problems

Know the common health issues that you might need to cater to for your loved one:

  1. Chronic Diseases

Studies have shown that as people start aging, their body becomes prone to various chronic diseases. While 90% of them are sure to be affected by one chronic condition, some may even have two.

Chronic diseases such as stroke, cancer, heart attack or diabetes have been a significant reason for older people’s death. If you have an elder one in your house, it is better to schedule a health check-up twice a year.

You should prefer helping them manage a healthy diet and physical exercise routine. This will improve their body stay immune to the risks. Another significant chronic disease in people is obesity, which also causes death. Thus, bringing small changes in daily lifestyle can help to curb down this effect.

  1. Physical injury

The older adults are prone to falling which increases their risk of physical injury. Moreover, these physical injuries can sometimes also be a significant reason for death.

It is often difficult to deal with physical injury in older adults because their bones shrink and muscle loses strength. Moreover, the flexibility of the muscles is lost too. This, however, makes the older adults more prone to fracturing bones or bruising it.

Two of the major diseases that affect older adults include osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Although falls are inevitable, you need to take specific steps to prevent it from happening. Moreover, a slight modification can also help you.

  1. Oral health

There is a constant decline in the oral health of older individuals. Most of us tend to ignore this part, but it is indispensable to be taken care of. About 25% of older adults start losing their teeth after the age of 65. Various problems such as tooth decay or cavity may affect it. Some of the prominent oral issues affecting older adults include dry mouth, oral cancer, and more.

To curb the effect to the oral diseases, older adults must schedule an appointment with the dentist once in six months. A regular dental check-up, small modifications in diet, are ways to prevent this. However, if the adult does not have valid dental insurance, it may add way more to your expenditures.

  1. Mental illness

As per the reports of WHO, most of the adults after the age of 60 become prone to mental health issues. Mental issues may include depression. Sometimes it may become difficult managing these mental disorders.

The report also found that 18 percent of older adults commit suicide owing to their mental health issues. However, the condition can be managed by indulging the adult into a healthy environment.

You can prefer sending your loved ones into daycares such as Skylark adult day care. Here, they will meet new people of their age, which can promote a healthy environment for them and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

  1. Malnutrition

Many adults when becoming prone to malnutrition. This is one of the most common elderly health problems and yet the one that always remainders undiagnosed. Hunger gives way to a weak immune system and a weaker muscular system.

Malnutrition can also lead to other chronic diseases such as depression, lack of ability to eat, and more. Your doctor may recommend bringing about specific changes in the diet to improve the health condition. Various food services are specifically designed for older adults to meet their needs, and daycare can help you monitor that too.

  1. Constipation

As people age, the bladder control loses and they become efficient victims of constipation. This, however, brings about a negative impact on their lifestyle.

Not eating correctly can lead to various chronic conditions with constipation being a major one. It is essential to eat healthily and maintain proper physical exercise. Although there are medical treatments available, they may not be that effective.

  1. Sensory impairments

Sensory problems such as vision and hearing are one of the most common types of old health problems in people. However, these are very common and can be easily treated with hearing aids and glasses. Various advancements are being brought about in the technology to address these problems.

Final thoughts

It is beneficial to take proper care of your loved one once they grow old. It is better to conduct scheduled medical appointments for the patients. You should send them to daycare centers so that they can have a healthy environment, especially if you don’t have the time or if you cannot manage alone.

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