A Brazilian butt lift is a two-part surgery that removes fat from the hips, thighs, or love handles and re-injects it into the buttocks. This adds volume to the butt while also slimming down other areas of the body. With the fat injections, the surgeon can shape the buttocks to create either a subtle change or dramatic results.

Many people are interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift to achieve a curvier body shape. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Doctors will make sure their patients meet specific criteria before agreeing to perform the surgery, so they can make sure the Brazilian butt lift will be safe and effective.

Goals and Expectations

Good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift should have reasonable goals and expectations for the surgery. During your initial consultation, you and your doctor will discuss your hopes, and your doctor will determine whether a Brazilian butt lift is the right procedure to help you reach your goals. If the surgery can’t achieve what you want, you can discuss other procedures that may be a better option.

Candidates should want to add volume and shape to their buttocks to improve their appearance and boost their self confidence. They should have tried natural methods to achieve their desired look before considering surgery. Some people can get a large, round backside through diet and exercise, and it’s much easier to achieve this naturally than to undergo surgery. Some people can’t add volume to their buttocks on their own, so they may be candidates for surgery. Your doctor will recommend that you attempt to enhance your buttocks with diet and exercise before seriously considering a Brazilian butt lift.

Your doctor will also make sure that you’re psychologically and emotionally ready to undergo the surgery. A Brazilian butt lift can make you more confident in your appearance, but it won’t turn your life around. You shouldn’t expect the surgery to transform your entire life or fix all of your insecurities. If you believe this, you’ll only be disappointed after the surgery.

It’s important that all candidates have healthy perspectives of their bodies. Some people suffer from body dysmorphia, which causes them to obsess over a small flaw. For people with this disorder, a tiny imperfection may seem huge, even though no one else will even notice it. The problem is psychological, not physical, so a cosmetic surgery won’t actually make them feel better. Your doctor will make sure that you have a realistic opinion about your body, so you’ll be happy with the results of the surgery.

Physical Health

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are in good health overall. Some medical conditions can increase the risk of complications during the surgery or can affect the results. The healthier you are, the easier the surgery and recovery will be.

Candidates also must be nonsmokers. Smoking can slow down your body’s healing time, and it can cause complications during or after the surgery. If you smoke, you’ll have to quit several weeks or months before the surgery and continue to avoid smoking while you recover. You should be honest with your doctor about whether or not you think you can quit.

Alcohol can interfere with the surgery and the healing process, so candidates should not be heavy drinkers. Your doctor may require that you stop drinking entirely in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

Body Type

A Brazilian butt lift requires a particular body type to be successful. Good candidates should be slightly overweight or should have at least a few extra pounds of fat. During the surgery, the doctor usually removes six to eight pounds of fat from the hips, stomach, or love handles and injects one or two pounds of this fat into the buttocks. Candidates must have enough fat in easily accessible places, or the procedure won’t be successful. If you don’t have enough fat, you’ll have to gain weight before getting the surgery.

Candidates also shouldn’t have any loose or sagging skin. If they do, they may need a traditional butt lift to remove excess skin before getting a Brazilian butt lift. With excess skin, the fat injected into the buttocks won’t be very noticeable.

Surgeons will also make sure that their patients have the right body shape and proportions to have a successful Brazilian butt lift. Some people may not have the right frame to add volume to their buttocks, and the results might not look as good as they’d hoped. Doctors will make sure that their patients know what the results will look like on them, so they can manage their expectations.

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