The saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” has its basis in truth…..studies have shown that clean living space and an organized home contribute to better mental clarity, greater motivation, and better health. Research recently conducted at Indiana University found that participants who regularly cleaned and organized their homes were happier, healthier, and even more motivated to exercise.

The consequences of not keeping up with housework can be severe; the same studies also showed that people living in disorganized, broken down, or unsanitary homes got sick more often, they experienced higher levels of stress, and they were less able to manage the daily ups and downs of life. It would seem upon looking at this research that a little home cleaning is in order. Let’s look at some other reasons why keeping a tidy home results in a higher quality of life:

A clean home helps lower stress and fatigue

When you look around in a messy home, you are continually reminded of all the things you need to do, all of the things you may not have time to do, and the gap that exists between what your home looks like and what you would like it to resemble. Too much clutter causes excess stress and brings about mental and physical fatigue, which makes it even harder to turn the ship around. Doing what you can to simplify your surroundings and reduce clutter will bring about a healthier state of mind and thus, a healthier state of being.

A clean home helps to alleviate and reduce allergy symptoms

Neglecting to clean carpets, floors, and upholstery can result in toxic buildup that irritates those that are prone to asthma and allergies. Dust mites, pet dander, and mold can accumulate in places that have been neglected, causing breathing issues with those who have asthma and allergies. Black mold, in particular, is especially dangerous for those with respiratory conditions, and mold remediation must be implemented in order to make your home safe to occupy. Regularly clean carpets and other upholstery to ensure that the air in your home stays clean and breathable. Clean lungs are happy lungs!

A clean home is a safer home

Fires and falls are two major contributors to hospital visits by homeowners each year. Anything that is left on the floor or blocking a doorway is a potential tripping hazard, while leaving debris and other objects around near electrical outlets poses a fire hazard. Anything left lying around can result in a trip to the emergency room; do your part to clear walkways and outlets of clutter, and your home will be a safer place to live for you and your family.

A clean home contains fewer germs

The bathroom and kitchen, believe it or not, are the dirtiest rooms in your house, and the ones that have the potential to make you sick. Cleaning these areas on at least a weekly basis will reduce the spread of bacteria and germs, and you will be less likely to contract an illness due to contaminated food or surfaces that you come in contact with. Use antibacterial cleaning supplies, and rinse thoroughly with water to make surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom ready for use once more.

A clean home is less likely to be infested with pests

Bugs, rodents, and other unsavory pests can find plenty of places to play in and around a messy home. Pests spread germs, bacteria, and other debris that can cause health issues for you and your family. This excess toxic waste can bring disease and ill health into your house; do what you can to avoid this issue by maintaining your home and cleaning up areas that could attract potential pests.

It may seem like drudgery to clean and maintain your home, but your health and the health of your loved ones is at stake. A little a day goes a long way; commit to cleaning and caring for your home, and see mental, physical, and emotional health benefits unfold!