Why should you choose Pristyn Care for LASER Fistula Treatment?

LASER Fistula Treatment

LASER Fistula treatment
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Fistula is a critical medical condition wherein the patient develops a small channel between the skin near the anus and the end of the bowel.

It is accompanied by severe pain while sitting or passing stool, as well as the frequent discharge of blood or pus. Fistula has plagued adults across the globe in the age group of 30-65. It can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or lifestyle.

But the good news is Fistula is absolutely curable

In various countries, where LASER technology is still a luxury, Fistula is treated using conventional methods, which are invasive, painful and takes several months for recovery.

However, if you are looking for a painless treatment with fast recovery and minimal side-effects, LASER is the best bet. And it is available in India.

You don’t have to undergo the pain…

LASER Technology has come a long way treating various medical conditions, and LASER Fistula treatment is now a reality as well. The Gurgaon-based clinic, Pristyn Care, is a pioneer in LASER Treatment and provides a minimally invasive treatment for Fistula and other similar conditions such as Piles.

If you are diagnosed with a bad case of Fistula, and you want to get rid of it fast, you are the best candidate to use this treatment.

Why should you choose Pristyn Care for LASER Fistula Treatment?

The simple, straightforward answer to this question is that Pristyn Care is one of the few clinics across India that have the equipment and top surgeons to perform LASER Fistula treatment.

The clinic is rated 4.8/5 based on 387 reviews and counting. Plus, everything from diagnosis to treatment and recovery is made available under the same roof.

The world is familiar with the effectiveness of Laser Technology, and it has now been perfected for treating Fistula.

LASER Technology has taken over the medical industry, and we are any day thankful for it. Not only does it make this horrible condition non-recurrent but also painless with minimal side-effects. There are several benefits to using LASER Fistula treatment as listed below.

  • High success rate: As compared to conventional methods, LASER treatment is more effective and results-focused. Even the worst case of Fistula can be treated using LASER where conventional methods don’t stand a chance.
  • No Cuts and Wounds: That’s the beauty of LASER technology. The LASER beam is used to destroy Fistula tissues completely without using any surgical instruments; hence, no cuts and wounds.
  • Painless: This state-of-the-art procedure makes surgical instruments look obsolete. No surgical instruments mean no incisions; thereby, making it completely painless.However, experts might give anesthesia to the patient so as to eliminate even the slightest possibility of pain.
  • No Recurrence: The LASER beam destroys the infected tissues completely. No trace means no chance of regrowth. No matter how severe the condition may be, it can be made non-recurrent with multiple settings, if required.
  • No Diet restrictions: When you go for the conventional method, there are strict diet restrictions throughout the recovery period. With LASER treatment, on the other hand, you can eat whatever you want.
  • Resume your work from the next day: Since there’s no incision or wound, the recovery is pretty quick. You can go home the same day and start going to work the very next day.
  • Risk of infection is minimal: LASER treatment is minimally invasive, which means there’s less susceptibility to infection. Plus, regular dressing is not required.

Fistula is painful. The one who has it knows it; the rest can only imagine. If you or someone in your family is suffering from this condition, act now, because the more you delay, the worse it gets.
Pristyn Care has the best in LASER technology and trained surgeons on board to give you superior treatment for fast relief and faster recovery. They have an approachable help desk to walk you through the process before you go in for the examination.

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