Whenever you are unwell with a physical or mental health issue, you rush to a general medical practitioner or a specialist doctor.

But, have you ever wondered that even doctors are human beings and can be facing various work-life challenges on a daily basis?

Reputed doctors having a professional nature and years of experience often put their heart and soul in treating their patients and helping them get well again.

Work-Life Balance for Doctors

Have you pondered that these seemingly robotic doctors may be neglecting their health and avoiding all other normal activities?

You hardly see doctor profiles on popular social media handles because they do not have enough time for it.

Gynecologists in dubai habitually struggle to find some quality time to spend with their families as they are busy doing their duty as certified medical practitioners.

Just for a little while, let us delve deep into the mindset of a doctor and find out the work-life challenges encountered by him/her every day:

  • Lack of Nutrition & Dehydration

Doctors, once they are inside their consulting rooms, do not find the time to take a break.

They can be working non-stop until they see the last patient during their morning or evening working hours.

They ignore their health while caring for others. The primary health issues faced by physicians are dehydration and lack of proper nourishment.

This can have an adverse effect on their health. In such cases, it is advisable to take a short interval whenever possible to be able to grab a quick snack or drink some energy drink.

  • Leg Pain & Sore Feet

Physicians, whether they are working in a private clinic or a hospital, have to spend more than 40 to 60 hours a week with their patients.

Most of the time, they are in a standing position to check the patients. Being up on your feet for more than 80% of your time can result in leg pain, heel pain and sore feet.

While such issues cannot be resolved fully, doctors can invest in a quality pair of working sandals and a comfortable doctor chair with extra cushioning and special pads for placing the feet.

  • Long Working Hours

Doctors or medical practitioners are always working tirelessly to keep others healthy. They sacrifice their valuable family time in order to look after people with health conditions.

Working non-stop can make them petulant at times, but they do deserve respect and admiration for the long working hours they invest in dealing with their patients.

  • Dealing with Talkative Patients

Some patients with little or zero health symptoms visit the doctor for being certain about their health status.

They call or visit just to pester the doctor with unrelated or irrelevant queries. This upsets the doctor’s busy schedule. It also disturbs their appointment diary that includes numerous other patients waiting outside his/her consulting room.

Such cases have to be dealt with a firm hand; the doctor should politely but sternly ask the troublemaker to visit only when he/she is actually sick.

Patients should understand that they simply cannot consult a medical practitioner just for fun.

  • Patients with Weird Expectations

Some patients are almost impossible to deal with. They expect the doctor to perform a miracle or provide immediate relief when they meet the doctor.

Every doctor faces such difficult patients once in a while. This causes a stressful situation for the doctor.

A respectful patient should never have such unrealistic expectations from the doctor.

  • VIP Demands

VIPs, celebrities and politicians feel that they are a class apart and demand attention wherever they go.

Similarly, they also visit the doctor or request a home visit and insist on a fast-track medical care facility to be provided to them.

They are not ready to wait and even threaten the medical staff and doctors if they do not comply with their wishes.

Each professional comes with its own package of difficulties and challenges. For instance, most engineers nowadays are not getting a good job, journalists are considered as pests by filmy celebrities.

Likewise, even doctors face some hardships and may feel anxious or exhausted. As a decent person, all you can do is appreciate their hard work and dedication and behave respectfully towards your doctors.