Many people that want a straighter smile know they can’t afford braces. Some that can afford braces worry about the way the metal-wiring of braces would affect their appearance. For people that fall into the two above categories, Invisalign might offer an answer to their teeth woes. Since Invisalign first hit the market, many Americans opted for the treatment, which is more affordable than braces and less invasive on the appearance.

Invisalign - You Can Improve Your Smile with Invisalign

Invisalign as a Treatment


For those people that desire a straighter smile, Invisalign’s clear aligners provide a cheaper and better answer than braces. Just like braces, Invisalign can make your teeth straighter, giving you a better smile. However, straighter teeth also mean better overall health for your teeth as well, something many people overlook about Invisalign.


As a treatment, Invisalign offers a clear, invisible form of braces that often feels more comfortable in the mouth as well. For people opting for Invisalign, once they’ve straightened their teeth, their teeth not only look better but their oral hygiene also significantly improves.


When opting for Invisalign, you’ll get your teeth measured and assessed for the treatment in one of two ways. Either you’ll get a digital scan of your teeth which creates a 3D image to help make your treatment accurate, or you’ll be utilizing trays to get an assessment of your teeth.


Invisalign’s Goal

The goal of the Invisalign treatment is to slowly move the teeth back into proper alignment for a year. Invisalign typically works faster than braces, which can take over two years to set your teeth straight.


Invisalign is known to correct a wide variety of teeth ailments. These ailments include things like open bites, deep bites, underbites, spacing, crowding, gaps, and just about any other teeth alignment issue you can imagine.


Plus, there’s excellent news for people that wanted to try Invisalign years ago, when it first came out and heard they weren’t candidates for the process previously. If you wanted to try Invisalign years ago and could not, it’s worth going in and trying it again now. That’s because Invisalign technology made massive improvements in just a few years and works better now for people it couldn’t help in the past.


Invisalign offers the type of treatment that will not only help improve your appearance, but it will also give you a lifestyle boost as well. Many people desire a better smile because they want to meet appearance standards at work or in their personal lives.


Many teenagers nowadays also prefer Invisalign to braces because it’s faster and doesn’t alter one’s appearance as much as braces. Parents of teenagers also prefer Invisalign for their teens because the treatment is cheaper and less invasive.

Invisalign’s Health Benefits


If you do obtain an Invisalign treatment, you will need to remove your Invisalign product each time you eat or drink anything that isn’t water. You’ll also need to prepare yourself to switch out your aligning trays bi-weekly. When you swap out your trays, you’ll be slowly straightening your teeth. As you progress through your trays, you’ll notice your teeth straightening slowly.


Invisalign’s overall health benefits for your teeth also provide another reason why it is so popular. For those of you that didn’t know, Invisalign brings you more than just a pleasant smile. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, your straighter teeth will help your gums significantly.


When your teeth align appropriately after straightening them with Invisalign, your gums will fit better around your teeth. When your gums fit more tightly around your teeth, you’ve managed to obtain the best defense against possible periodontal disease.


Invisalign also offers another health boost that braces cannot provide. Braces are often challenging to keep clean and getting rid of the food that gets caught up in the wires often proves problematic for many people. If braces aren’t adequately cleaned, people are more likely to experience plaque buildup and tooth decay issues.


Unlike braces, Invisalign is something that you can remove. That means you can brush and floss your teeth the way you always have without any extra cleaning. Invisalign’s movable property makes it much easier to maintain your oral hygiene overall.


With the benefits of Invisalign and all of the new technology that’s helped the process along, many adults now seek it out for teeth straightening. Some of these adults needed braces or teeth straightening when younger but couldn’t afford it. On the other hand, people that developed poor dental habits also benefit from Invisalign. Sometimes, poor dental habits can cause a person’s teeth to appear less straight.


Invisalign offers a lot of convenience for those individuals that want straighter teeth. Not only does Invisalign offer a more affordable option than braces, but it’s also typically more comfortable to take care of than braces. Invisalign also offers a faster teeth straightening process that will significantly improve a person’s teeth and gums. Not only will your teeth look better, but your mouth will also feel better overall.