Electronic Health Records

A file is transferred from one department to another, tests being run all over, crucial pieces of paper missing from the record—all these things used to happen at a doctor’s office. Sometimes, the worst used to arrive and files used to get lost—hours of research, tests, and paperwork buried in more paperwork. After all this time, the healthcare industry needed a change for the better, because data like that can be stored with much more efficiency.

In a world of cloud storage and online data, every industry is moving forward with digitization. The transition from hard copies to soft copies is a tedious process, but once it is done with, the digitized database carries tonnes of benefits for hospitals and the healthcare industry in general. That is why EHRs came into play.

What is an EHR?

Electronic Health Records or EHR keep track of patients’ health history. These are valuable sources of legitimate information that help doctors in diagnosing patients in a better manner. EHRs withhold all of the patient’s medical history, which builds a rich database for hospitals and clinics. Maintaining files and loads of paperwork is extremely tough, and with afflux of time, it gets worse.

That is why EHRs make the task of database building and information sharing more comfortable than ever. From patients’ medical history to allergies, vaccinations, diagnoses, treatment plans and everything above and beyond, EHRs simplify healthcare to new levels. Benefits of a healthcare database system are many, and in most cases, necessary for doctors to treat the patients right.

Benefits of EHR

Electronic health records bring a truckload of benefits, and this bare necessity of equipment is very much worth It. Thanks to Enovate Medical and their prowess, their range of EHRs is nothing less than a lifesaver for doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Let’s go through the benefits of EHRs and then we’ll come back to Enovate.

  • EHRs are the perfect source of legitimate patient information that is up to date. Just one look at a patient’s EHRs and doctors can plan the treatment accordingly. No chance of misleading information and relying on the patient’s word—it’s all in the e-file.
  • Unlike those files which keep swiveling around from here to there, EHR keeps it all in a haven. Just a few clicks here and few keyboard punches later, and one can access whatever patient records they wanted to see in the first place.
  • Information like this is classified, and all efforts are made to keep it away from the bad guys. Security concerns loom at large on every database, and EHRs pay special heed to security while sharing information with patients and other clinicians.
  • Effective patient diagnosis reduces the risk of medical errors. As the EHR has all that medical history stored, doctors and surgeons take special care while diagnosing patients, thanks to the available database.
  • In a hospital which has a fully working EHR database, no patient would be new to different surgeons. All the surgeon has to do is find the patient’s file and s/he’ll get to speed with the patient’s case. This enhances the quality of the patient-doctor relationship, and simple tasks like prescription can be easily managed by looking at the patient’s situation.
  • The Electronic Health Records provide help outside the surgeon’s room too—EHRs thrive on clear documentation, that also with accurate coding and billing numbers and sequences. The Patient’s data stays secure and discreet in the long run.
  • Duplication of efforts is a big problem, but with EHR Workstations, inefficiency leaves via the back door. This enables providers to meet their business goals in the long run while taking care of patients in a better manner.

The Best EHR Range in the Market

Enovate Medical has come up with five EHR Workstations that are best in the doc-biz. With cutting-edge technology and maximum utility, these EHR Workstations make life easier for surgeons and nurses. To name all five Enovate EHR Workstations:

  1. The Envoy
  2. The Encore
  3. The Slimline
  4. The WallArm
  5. The WallStation

Let us delve into each one of them one by one and figure out whether Enovate’s EHR Workstations are worth the investment or not.


Designed to minimize nurse and surgeon fatigue, the Envoy has a vast array of features like touch display, flexible monitor arm, and mobility, the Enovate is of great help to hospitals all around. It ensures improved clinical workflow and great patient focus. Envoy is a must-have for every hospital around.


The aluminum base is lightweight and easy to carry around. Documenting for patients is easy right on the bedside. Some of the features include light build, durable exterior, and mobile design. Also, the nurse won’t need an effort to drag the cart around. The LCD and ergonomic handle reduce nurse’s fatigue.


The Slimline is one of the most compact EHR workstations with a minimal base. The base is just 20”x20”, making mobile documentation a natural streak. Designed especially for documentation purposes, The Slimline is favored by physicians all over the place, and it’s easy to move around from room to room.


Be it the most complex of clinics with the least amount of space, all of them require an EHR. There always isn’t enough space to drag carts around. For this very reason, the WallArm makes electronic health record management easy. The monitor’s movement is so flexible that it can be placed according to whatever’s required.


The database is the most sensitive intellectual property. When it comes to patients and their health records, it is crucial that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The Wall Station EHR by Enovate Medical has an eSensor—a sensor that locks the keyboard drawer automatically when the user moves away. One doesn’t need a key to open it up, as PIN Codes ensure a much stringent security measure.

The Healthcare industry is on its pinnacle and its scaling to new heights. With Innovate Medical’s top quality EHRs, the task of data collection and better treatment is more than just a step forward.

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