10 Tips for New Pharmacy Techs



All jobs come with different levels of stress and competition. You have to pay some value to get something in return. There are different causes of stress for new techs in retail pharmacy such as patient population, prescription volume, coworker competency, physical layout, software efficiency, management practices and many other distractions. If you are not much aware about pharmacy training. 

  1. Insist on integrity of the workflow

Every pharmacy has a set system of rules, which establishes the flow of prescriptions from one place to the other. Even during the busiest hours of the day, you must maintain the system and comply with the rules. This will ultimately help you reduce stress when the shift ends daily.

  1. Take care of the roadblocks

You might face difficult situations such as there might be a prescription which has issues with insurance. Or there might be a patient who needs clarification on certain issues. Instead of making them stand and wait, you can politely ask them to visit again so that you can find a proper solution.

  1. Respect your pharmacy license

You must not participate in such activities that are against the norms of your profession. Indulging in activities like indiscriminate use of social media can put your license at risk. Do not stake your years of hard work at stake just for a petty avarice.

  1. You are answerable to a higher authority

You must not indulge in unethical practices even if your employer asks you to do so. Remember that your primary responsibility and answerability is to the Board of Pharmacy and the patients. Your professional code of ethics does not allow you to follow unethical practices under any circumstances. You might lose your license forever.

  1. Do not choose shortcuts

You might be tempted at times to choose a shortcut to complete your work faster. But, it is not a good idea as it sounds. You must be having a system to check the work being done at the pharmacy regularly. Follow the system no matter what. It will ensure a discipline among other staff members as well.

  1. Maintain cleanliness

It is understandable that you mess up your stock during busy hours. But, if you behave strictly with yourself and your staff, you will definitely be able to organize your stock at all times and keep your place clean. This will help you feel free and less stressful.

  1. Communicate

If you feel stressful, do not withdraw from people. Instead, talk to your staff and clients in a friendlier manner and you will notice a drastic change in your situation.

  1. Call back the patients

If you commit to call back the patients regarding any issue, you must do it diligently. Maintain a record of such calls you have to make and call your patients when you are relatively free.

  1. Be responsible for your money

You might have struggled a lot during your days of studying pharmacy. But, now that you have a heavy paycheck in your hands every month, you must not behave irresponsibly. Spend your money wisely and take the advice of a good financial planner.

10. If you feel exhausted, take a nice break

If you cannot cope up with your situations, take a break and go to your favorite holiday destination. This will help you be calm and remind yourself why you chose this profession. You will be able to make an energetic comeback.

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