nurse with stethoscope

Nursing or medical training is a career-centric program. Medical and nursing students are being trained and groomed for immediate entry into the healthcare industry. In addition to practical training and handling different health conditions, part of their professional training involves the use of different tools and resources, which are essential to perform their jobs.

While there are numerous tools used by medical or nursing students, the most common and important among them is – a Stethoscope. A stethoscope is a highly important item in a nurse’s arsenal. While some colleges and schools offer them to the students, most of the times, students have to purchase a stethoscope by themselves.

Being a nursing student, you will find varieties of stethoscopes available in the market. While selecting a stethoscope, you must pick one that is the best match for your clinical role and delivers absolute personal comfort. But these are just the two vital aspects to consider. When selecting a stethoscope, you have to consider more other aspects.

To make the task easier for you, we’ve done the research part and here we share the important tips to consider when you are selecting a stethoscope for a medical or nursing student.

  • Check the Weight of the Stethoscope

There would be countless days when you have to carry or hang the stethoscope around your neck all day long. A heavyweight stethoscope can strain your neck. Hence, it is always best to pick a lightweight stethoscope.

  • Select Carefully between The Two Tubing

A stethoscope is either single tubing or double tubing. Being a nursing student, you have to ensure that you are able to listen to body sounds. A double tubing stethoscope can lead to certain noise interference generated from rubbing of the tubes. As a result, you will not be able to listen to the sounds correctly. Hence, try to pick a single tubing stethoscope.

  • Go for Interchangeable Diaphragm and Bell

The diaphragm and bell are important parts of a stethoscope. They are used to pick the sounds generated from the patient’s body. Also, they are pressed closed against the stomach, back, or chest of the patient. The diaphragm allows listening to higher frequency sounds. The bell is useful to listen to lower-frequency sounds.

It is worth investing in a stethoscope having an interchangeable bell and diaphragm so that it is easier for you to listen to both kinds of sounds. Furthermore, the stethoscope must have a non-chill and hypoallergenic diaphragm so that patients can get maximum comfort while getting diagnosed.

  • Check for the Stethoscope Headset

The headset is the upper part of a stethoscope that includes tension springs, ear tips, and ear tubes. All such components are designed together to create a comfortable alignment in the ears and to ensure that you are able to get maximum sound quality.

Pick a stethoscope with a comfortable headset so that you don’t feel any discomfort while monitoring the patients.

  • Pick Something Within Your Budget

The price range of the stethoscope has to be considered, especially when you are buying it for your nursing training. It is best to set a realistic budget for your stethoscope and then narrow down the search accordingly. There are various budgeted yet high-quality stethoscopes available nowadays. So, do check the link to make a well-informed ultimate decision.

  • Take Help from Seniors

It is always a good idea to take help from someone who has gone through the same phase and is also using the same device. Try to take advice from your seniors as this can help you get details about the kind of stethoscope that works best for the medical training. If possible, then try to see their stethoscope so that you can get a fairly good idea.

  • Consider Online Reviews

There are online reviews available for almost every stethoscope. You can always consider these reviews and check product ratings from different websites to identify the best stethoscopes for nursing students. Reading customer reviews will help you know about the features and things to consider, which you might have missed while shortlisting a stethoscope.

  • Do Not Compromise on Quality

Even if you are low on budget, still it is advisable to not compromise on quality. Your nursing or medical training is highly important for your career and if you are unable to identify and monitor the various body sounds then you may not be able to perform a qualitative medical practice. So, always try to pick a high-quality stethoscope that is efficient as well as durable.

It is best to shortlist some of the best stethoscopes as per your choice and then check and compare the pros and cons of each. This will provide you with a better understanding of the product as well as help you pick the best stethoscope.

So, pick the best stethoscope and give your medical training a head start!