How to deal with anxiety – 5 quick tips


How to deal with anxiety


One of the vital steps towards overcoming anxiety is relaxation. People often prefer to sit in front of the television or the computer in an effort to relax. This is not a step towards relaxation as the programs being watched could further worsen the situation thereby increasing the anxiety level to a higher degree. Worse, some people take refuge with alcohol, smoking tobacco or other drugs which provide a temporary feeling of relaxation. The real need is for proper relaxation process like yoga, deep breathing or other such associated techniques. For instance, deep breathing helps the nervous system to relax, and the entire human body receives a message to forget the situation arising out of stress and relax.

Sound Sleep, proper Nourishment and Exercise

Anxiety and stress are an integral part of human life. Therefore, it is very important to be mentally and physically strong enough in order to deal with such events. One should ensure to have a sound sleep to recharge the entire system. The sleep should not be too less or too much. One should develop good eating habits and consume green vegetables, various fruits, grains and protein sources in order to supply the human body with the required energy and positive energy. Exercising is also very vital as this process supplies the much needed oxygen to the cells in the body and keeps the body fresh and fit to deal with anxiety and stress.

Spend time with family and friends

Man is born to be a socially tamed animal. It becomes quiet an important task to share thoughts and where abouts with families or friends as such associations help to strengthen the bonds of relationship and mentally helps provide a feeling of security and strength. Besides, spending quality time with others also ensures that the individual stays happy and is unlikely to feel upset and enter into a gloomy shell at the negative prospects of the where about . Another advantage of such a bond ensures that when an individual is under stress, sharing and discussing the matter with others could easily help to recover from the anxiety and stay with a free mind. All humans are prone to such periods and mutual sharing and valuable inputs from friends and family could well solve the matter quite easily.


The immense beauty and healing power of nature is well and above scientific understanding. A simple walk in the park could work wonders and generate a feeling of tranquility and peace. Connecting with nature could be both a means of prevention and cure from anxiety and stress. The walk ensures the exercise to the body and the magical beauty of nature heals our mental stress and makes us feel relaxed and recharged. In addition, having friends or family for the company could work as an added bonus as this would ensure more relaxation.

Positive Thinking

A human being should always think good thoughts and which are positive in nature. This ensures that the mind stays fresh, and the person stays cheerful and positive and always smiling. Such a person has a lesser chance of getting bogged down with the tentacles of stress and anxiety. However, if the feeling of anxiety is at the extreme, consulting a doctor at that time is the best option as this could be a sign of anxiety related disorder.

Thus, the best approach towards dealing with anxiety is to maintain a positive outlook, relaxing at proper stages, having nourishing diet and exercise. All this would ensure that the person is capable of dealing with events of anxiety and stress.


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