Does Playing With Spinner Benefits Your Health?


fidget spinners for mental health

Nowadays everyone is crazy about spinners not only children every person is crazy about spinners, they are so much addicted to this that they are using spinners at home, work, and class rooms. Now the question comes into the mind is why everyone is being so addicting to this simple toy, even some dealers are offering that the spinners are beneficial to your health, increase focuses, releases stress and decrease attention deficiency hyper disorder (ADHD).

Let’s see how much their claim is true, is playing with spinners benefits your health? I will discuss this question in this article and try to answer as much as I can with relevant reasons and also answers this, why people are so addicted to these spinners?

Psychologists claim that repeating the same action can calm you down. If we notice that when we are tensed or in stress we are walking here in there repeatedly even we don’t know why we are doing this, it is a natural thing that happens, again and again, that keeps us calm down, we notice that if someone is tensed he/she is clicking the pen continuously or scratching the nails or side tips of the fingers or biting the nails or tapping the legs continuously while sitting. If we noticed that things that are happening naturally and we don’t even think about it why this is happening.

If we focus on this reason we come to the point that naturally, we are just type of that when we are in tense or in stress our body can perform such repeated actions which can calm us down, if we notice on spinners they are designed in such a way that we can continue perform the same action which can cause calming effect to us, that’s why we are addicting to this toy.

Spinners have so many advantages and some of the great (still known) health benefits are as follows:

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Relieves stress from workplace
  • Decreases ADHD
  • Easy to carry fits in pocket and can be used in office, school or at home
  • Increase focus
  • Decreases the distraction
  • Helpful for Alzheimer patient
  • Burn calories
  • Prevent from biting our nails while in stress because instead of biting nails we can spin the spinners
  • Also, help full in passing the spare time when we have nothing to do
  • Prevents from boredom
  • It is also beneficial in opening up the conversation
  • It soothes our sensory nerves

In short, it has many uncountable benefits hidden in this little toy, in my point of view I suggests you buy High-quality fidget spinners for yourself and for your family members too because it is cheap, reliable, affordable , easy to carry anywhere and lots of health advantages are hidden in it so it beneficial for you to have a spinner.

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