How to Make Sure That You’re Buying Genuine CBD Oil


The tremendous growth in the popularity of CBD oil and attempts to find out more about it has left consumers wide open to be taken advantage of unreliable and untrustworthy suppliers. First-time consumers are particularly vulnerable and this is why it is important to know more about CBD oil and how to pick a quality product.

Amongst all the shady businesses, inferior products and false claims, finding a quality CBD oil is certainly possible, as long as you take the following advice into account.

Don’t choose affordability over quality

If you go online and type in CBD oil, you will come up with hundreds of products, many of which could be inferior. Some products are made from low-quality materials, such as hemp grown in countries where there is little regulation when it comes to growing practices. You need to find out where the material for the product originated because quality products can’t be made from inferior material.

When it comes to a genuine Verified CBD oil, production is not cheap. Products that are very low in price have probably been made using cheap extraction methods. Cheap extraction methods involve the use of toxic solvents, like butane and propane, and the end product usually contains residues of these solvents.

An expensive extraction method, such as CO2 extraction, may come at a higher price, but it ensures purity and potency – especially when the CBD oil is extracted from hemp organically grown in the U.S.

Find out what part of the plant is used in the product

Some products are made from CBD isolates and others are manufactured from the whole plant.

Isolates are more difficult to trace back to their origins and overseas labs make fake isolates that are cheaper than domestic versions so they have more potential for contamination.

By using the whole plant instead of one part, the oil doesn’t only contain CBD but a range of other constituents such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. As these are believed to work synergistically with the CBD, many people prefer to purchase “full-spectrum” products.

Check out the amount of THC in the product

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound found in cannabis oil that gives users a “high.” Hemp is often used instead of marijuana when creating CBD oil because it contains much lower levels of THC. The level of THC present in CBD oil should not exceed 0.3%.

If cheaper extraction methods are used to extract the CBD and it is done badly, chances are the THC levels may be too high. This could be dangerous if you operate heavy machinery and it could also make you fail a drug test at work. THC levels should always be clearly stated on product labels and you can buy products that contain little to no THC.

Don’t be fooled by chic labels and packaging

Product labels can state that a product contains a certain amount of CBD when it doesn’t. Many studies have found that brands selling products online misrepresent the purity and the levels of CBD found in a product.

Does the label on the product list the amount of CBD per serving? Unless the label tells you how much CBD the bottle contains and how much you will get per serving, it is probably an inferior product.

Some untrustworthy companies try to fool consumers by being unclear about the concentration of CBD they will get in each dose. No matter how attractive the product appears to be unless it contains a good concentration of CBD per dose, it’s unlikely to have any effect.

Avoid companies that make wild claims about the benefits of their CBD oils. If they’re portraying CBD oil as a cure-all for diseases, they are probably taking some other chances too.

Find out whether products have been tested

It’s very important for any vendor to display test results because these usually indicate a genuine product quite clearly. Seeing that third-party testing has been done by accredited laboratories means that the products you buy won’t be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, fungus or bacteria, residual toxins from the extraction process or other foreign material. Testing will also determine exactly how much CBD and THC a product contains.

Customer Service Matters

Be wary of companies who are very difficult to reach. If you find a customer service representative to answer your questions, you’ve probably found a company that sells quality products and cares about customers.


Do your research, don’t take anything at face value and make sure you ask the right questions. Dig deep into details on websites selling products. It also helps to use your common sense because many ridiculous claims are being about the benefits of CBD oil. That being said, there are many genuine and wonderful products on the market that will contribute to your well-being.

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