How to Protect a Garden Umbrella


How to Protect a Garden Umbrella

A gray offset patio umbrella will definitely look very stylish on your garden or free space in your compound. However, it only remains so if you take good care of it. It is only when you protect your umbrella that it will protect you more efficiently. Make it your duty to keep it safe and well taken care of. Let’s see how you protect your umbrella.

  • What do you protect your umbrella from? There are a dozen things that could destroy your umbrella or stop it from providing shade as perfectly as it should. These are the things you need to protect it from. Anything that could damage or weaken the umbrella.
  • How do you protect the umbrella? One of the best ways to protect your umbrella is by cleaning it regularly. You do not want tough stains forming on your umbrella.
  • The moment you neglect it, all the dust, pollen and bird droppings accumulate and form a stubborn stain that will require a harsh detergent to remove.
  • That is not very favorable to the umbrella’s fabric. You should avoid using harsh detergents on your umbrella at all cost. This is because the more you use the more you weaken the umbrella. At some point the umbrella will tear and that’s when it will stop being useful to you.
  • Make sure you do not wait until your umbrella is evidently dirty for you to wash it.
  • While doing the cleaning, it is also as important not to use a brush with hard bristles as it will tear your umbrella or make it weak. Always use a soft brush or a soft piece of cloth.
  • Most of these umbrellas are safe to wash with a washing machine. The ones that have removable fabric will be easy to wash because you can just put it in the machine.
  • Once it is as clean as you want it, please dry it on a cloth line. Do not put it in the dryer. This is another way of destroying your umbrella even before it can exhaust its lifetime.
  • If you have two umbrellas, you’ll wash one while you use the other one. It is recommended to have two of them so that you can have time to clean the other one and keep it put for some time. This will increase the life of the umbrella because it is not overused.
  • When you wash it and you’re not using it immediately after, make sure the umbrella dries completely before you can close it and store it. Doing so without letting it dry well will make the umbrella stink and get mold and rust. Damp conditions are not good for anything, especially if the umbrella is metallic on the inside. Dry it completely to avoid all that.
  • An umbrella spends almost all its days under the sun. It is advisable to give it a break every so often. When you’re not using the umbrella, make sure to store it somewhere that is far from the direct sun. This could prevent it from fading some more and help to keep it all colorful.
  • Another thing that is crucial in protecting the umbrella is always putting it back in its cover when you’re not using it.
  • The cover is there for protection. It could get dirty once again if you just store it without the cover or get torn. A cover will protect it from any dangers that could destroy it.
  • It could also help to put the umbrella somewhere that is not so close to trees and other tall vegetation. An umbrella is supposed to provide shade. There is already shade under the trees so you should put it in the open space where the sun hits the ground directly. This will expose the umbrella to less dirt and make your work easier.


There are so many different ways to protect your umbrella but it all goes down to how you take care of it. If you follow the right procedures of cleaning and make sure it doesn’t find itself where it shouldn’t, your umbrella will be safe and very ready to give you a good shade at your garden. Be creative with the umbrella but also be cautious while at it. Umbrella fabrics are a tad too sensitive to be left unprotected.


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