What do you usually eat when you are on the go? If you keep a healthy diet in your everyday life, it can be difficult to eat healthy food when you are traveling through the unknown territory. People used to think that rent a car is the biggest issue to solve when traveling. Believe it or not, it depends on the company you are going to deal with. Check the most popular American destinations. Car rental in LAX under 25 gives an opportunity to find a good vehicle even if you are a young driver. Take the cheapest one and you will never have problems with your budget. Hotels are also the most money-taking point in your list. Burt you can book a hostel or try room sharing. What a nice chance to cut your budget!

Speaking about food, people usually don’t pay much attention to what they eat, picking the cheapest food in the local supermarket. It becomes really difficult to keep a diet and eat healthy. Of course, popular oreos, fruit shakes, chips, local beer are cheaper than water! Traveling for long distances, you should keep your mind and body balanced. Don’t be lazy!

Cheetos and Doritos



Eat healthy

What do you like to eat the most? What do you usually eat when wake up? It is important not to break your eating habits and preferences. Healthy eating is a key to your strong immune system and teeth. Don’t lose what you already have. If you are afraid you can’t find the food you used to eat in a new country, try probiotics. Have you ever tried probiotics before? If not, try them a few weeks before the trip. It usually takes some time to build up your immune system and makes it to work properly.

Drink much water

There is no need to say that staying hydrated during the trip is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by car or taking a flight. Don’t forget to drink much water during the day! And don’t even try to change water into wine in a plane. Traveling through a new city, exotic country, be aware of taking water from the river or lake. Also, it is not recommended to drink tap water. It may have so many exotic bacteria that even boiling can’t help! Buy a pack of bottled water in the supermarket!

Coca Cola Life

Keep your skin hydrated

That’s good that you decided to keep your body hydrated. Drinking much water is always useful. In addition to this you should take care of your skin. First of all, use a face and hand cream, and a lip balm. When taking a bath in the evening, add some bath salts to water for relaxation and moisturizing skin. Also, you can visit a local SPA salon. There are always many of them in big cities. Traveling to exotic country, you will never have problems to find a good SPA.

Sleep well

Some people really have problems with sleep when they are in a new environment. Sleeping far from home can be challenging. You feel tired and nervous when you can’t sleep because of elevators or street noise. How to create the best sleeping place? Try to sleep not in the car but in a quiet room. Of course, you may wear earplugs or eye mask to feel even more comfortable when sleeping.

Chocolate Pink Boudoir with bows satin sleep mask masque de sommeil by Love Me Sugar

Avoid germs

Of course, it is impossible to free the world of bacteria. But you can try to avoid them before eating. Make a habit to clean your hands with the antibacterial wipes. You can clean the hard surfaces in your car and in the hotel room. It can’t help to stay healthy all the time, but it helps to avoid catching some infectious diseases. Wash your hands as many times as it is possible and don’t forget about hands sanitizer.


Healthy climate

Try to pick a car with air conditioner. It helps you to stay warm when the weather is cold and survive when the weather is extremely hot. To feel healthy in a hot weather, you’d better to take layer clothes. That means, you can turn your sweater into a blouse and a blouse – into a cozy shirt. You are always comfortable with what you have. You may take a soft blanket and a sleep bag if you are going to spend night outside.

When you are traveling, you try to eat well, sleep well, and feel well. You can take with you special gadgets to help you to stay hydrated, take care of your skin, food, and count calories. Don’t forget to put them in your travel bag. It can be your fitness tracker, air conditioner, sunglasses, and your favorite book to read before sleep.