How to Prevent Age Related Illness


preventing age related illness

You must have seen people who show signs of aging like fatigue, age related illness and old looking skin from just around the age of 40. You must have seen those people too who look fit and healthy even as they reach the age of 60 or 70. Why is there so much difference?

Yes, genetics play a role in how a person ages but it is not the only factor that counts. The factor that counts the most in how people age is how they live their life and what are their daily habits. Believe it or not, there are ways that help you slow down your aging process and keep you looking fit and healthy for a long, long time.

Age Related diseases:

There are three categories of age related diseases:

  1. The chronic diseases that our bodies become vulnerable to as we age.
  2. The loss of control over our body and how it behaves.
  3. The mental illnesses like amnesia, Alzheimer’s etc.

All of them are equally terrifying and you will probably want to avoid them at all costs. Philanthropist Jason hope said that there are some of the best practices that fit and healthy old people have mentioned over the years, which will help you in maintaining a healthy body.

1-A Healthy Diet:

Eating a healthy and balanced diet has been advised countless times since the beginning of time. Your body cannot function well if you don’t provide it with all the nutrients it need in order to remain healthy. Cut back on all the Sodium and fat intake and consume fruits, vegetables and protein rich diet instead.

2-Regular Exercise:

If you are a fan of going to gym, that’s really good for you. But if you have to kick yourself again and again to get to the gym, you will probably have trouble maintaining a regular exercise program as you get older. My advice would be to find a physical activity that you enjoy doing like dancing, playing sports or anything really. It just needs to get your heart to pump faster and give it a workout.

3-Don’t Let Yourself Go:

As we get older, we have a tendency to just ignore how our body looks. We become really careless about our body weight and as a result, we get all the weight related diseases like joint pain, diabetes, arthritis etc. which are really hard to live with constantly.

4-Engage Your Mind:

The way to go about keeping your mind healthy and alert is to do things that require your brain to go into overdrive. Solve puzzles, read books, play brain games. Engage in activities that challenge your brain to work harder so that it remains active even as you grow older.

5-Adopt Healthy Habits:

There are certain habits that will help you slow down your aging process like:

  • Quit smoking if you smoke or at least bring it down to one cigarette a day if you cannot quit entirely.
  • If you drink, keep your drinking in check and if you cannot do it yourself have someone with you that will not let you drink too much.
  • Have enough sleep. Sleep is often overlooked but it is essential if you want to age healthily.

All of these are habits that you can add to your lifestyle without disturbing your routine. Wishes that you have a healthy life!

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