Tips in Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon Lisbon


Plastic surgery is one of the easiest ways of correcting any physical imperfection or enhancing one’s looks. Although costly, plastic surgery allows you to achieve any look – you can even become the epitome of “perfect” if you want to.

Achieving your desired results from plastic surgery largely depends on the plastic surgeon you work with. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon Lisbon or anywhere in the world, apply the following tips so you’ll end up hiring the best.


  1. Only work with a plastic surgeon who is board certified.


Contrary to popular belief, state medical boards aren’t enough to guarantee that a plastic surgeon is credible; he or she should also be qualified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery as it offers certification, education, and training for plastic surgeons. Working with a plastic surgeon who is board certified can give you the following benefits:


  • You’ll be at ease knowing that you’ve entrusted your body (and money) to a trained and experienced plastic surgeon.


  • You won’t end up working with a doctor who’s only adept in general surgery or other medical training. In short, you’ll save yourself from getting unsatisfactory results which can lead to more costs.


  1. Confirm the plastic surgeon’s experience in the procedure you’d want to have.


The procedure you will undergo depends on your needs or goals. If none of your diets worked, liposuction might be suitable. If you don’t like how your nose looks, a nose lift might be the solution you’re looking for. Once you’ve already determined what procedure to get, look for a plastic surgeon who is board certified and has sufficient experience in that procedure. You can ask the following questions to better gauge a plastic surgeon’s expertise:


  • Are you trained with the procedure I’m considering? How?


  • How long have you been performing this procedure?


  • How many clients have you had with this procedure?


  1. Choose a plastic surgeon who has a similar aesthetic sense as you.


Considering referrals is an easy way to expedite the process, but just because your friend was pleased with the results of his procedure doesn’t mean that you should hire his plastic surgeon right away. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – you and your friend may have different standards of beauty. As one way of ensuring that you’ll only hire a plastic surgeon who shares a similar aesthetic sense as you, consider the following:


  • Look at the before and after photos of the plastic surgeon’s clients. If you already have a list of options, compare the results for the procedures you want. Which among these surgeons delivered results that suit your preferences?


  • Pay attention to the clients who have similar facial qualities as you do. If you’re planning to have facial procedures, look for clients who have the same facial structure, demographics, and concerns as you. For breast procedures, look for clients who have the same breast shape and torso.


  • Check if the plastic surgeon shows consistency with his or her services. The plastic surgeon’s clients should show similar results, especially for similar procedures. Is this how you envision yourself after getting the procedure?


  1. Assess how the plastic surgeon and the staff make you feel.


Getting your first plastic surgery can be very nerve-wracking. You’ll be anxious about what happens during and after the procedure. This is the reason why choosing a plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable should be on top of your list. Everything will come off easier once you work with a plastic surgeon and staff who make you feel safe and secured. Don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions before hiring a plastic surgeon:


  • Do I like the plastic surgeon’s personality?


  • Do I trust the plastic surgeon’s services and recommendations?


  • Do I feel comfortable asking the plastic surgeon questions about my procedure?


  • Am I treated professionally by the plastic surgeon and the staff?


  1. Assess the operating facility.


Along with the expertise of the plastic surgeon, the operating facility can make or break the success of your procedure. If the facilities are unsanitary or aren’t equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, you may not get the results you want. Worse, the procedure may even put your life at risk. Steer away from this direction by doing the following:


  • Inquire from the surgeon where they perform their surgeries and find out its level of accreditation.


  • Ask for the qualifications of the anesthetist, too. To ensure your safety throughout the procedure, only work with a board certified anesthesiologist or a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA).
  1. Schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon.


Take advantage of the consultation to know important details about the procedure and what can you expect as a client. Communication is key to the success of any plastic surgery, so make sure that the plastic surgeon knows what you want. Be prepared for the consultation by drafting some questions, such as:


  • How long will the surgery last?


  • Are there medicines to take before and/or after the surgery? Are there foods or drinks to avoid as a preparation for the surgery? If you’re prohibited to take any amount of alcohol, you might need to postpone your Douro Wine Tour.


  • How much will the surgery cost?


  • What post-surgery treatments are needed to get my desired results?


Only Choose the Best

Plastic surgery has been the subject of many controversies for decades. But if you’ve already decided to undergo a procedure for your benefit, by all means, go ahead! Just make sure that you only entrust your body to the best plastic surgeon. You don’t want to pay for a hefty sum of money and then end up being dissatisfied with the results, right?

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