Tips When Finding Pure CBD Oil for Sale


Ideally, every CBD oil out in the market right now should be as pure as possible. However, with some CBD oil manufacturers taking advantage of a product with a still largely unregulated market, first-time buyers like you can make the mistake of purchasing impure CBD oil that can put your health at risk rather than bring about some benefits as it was originally meant to do. Thus, you’ll want to become extra careful when buying CBD oil and follow these tips when finding one that’s for sale:

1.) Check if the CBD oil has the amount of active CBD listed on it.


If you’ve accidentally bought CBD oil without any active CBD in it, you might as well just have bought some snake oil instead.


So before handing over your money to your trusted CBD oil seller, you should check first if the CBD oil that you want to buy has its amount of active CBD as measured in milligrams listed on its nutritional label. You’ll then want to check if the said amount is the same as the CBD concentration level also measured in milligrams as printed on the front of the CBD oil bottle itself.


2.) Find out how the manufacturer had extracted their product.


Some CBD oil manufacturers extract the said oil from the cannabis plant using a variety of chemical solvents such as ethyl alcohol and even lighter fluid. The said substances can significantly reduce the quality of the extracted CBD oil and even make it dangerous for you to use.


Unfortunately, most CBD oil manufacturers rarely advertise how they extracted the product that they’re selling to avoid the possibility of any of their competitors stealing their trade secrets. However, you shouldn’t give up yet. Try to message them or give their customer service hotline a call. Politely ask about the extraction process that they’ve used for their CBD oil.


If a CBD oil manufacturer had proven to you that their extraction process involves the use of pressurized carbon dioxide, you could start buying from them as the process results in pure CBD oil.


3.) Find out if the CBD oil has a purity certification attached to it.


But sometimes, even if a manufacturer had extracted their CBD oil using pressurized carbon dioxide, the cannabis plant itself may have carried some harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides with it.


You’ll thus want to check as well if the CBD oil came from cannabis plants that have been grown by a local farm that uses organic fertilizers and pesticides. This should merit the herbal extract a Certified Organic purity certification.


As of 2017, consumer sales of CBD oil had risen to more than 358 million U.S. dollars. It isn’t surprising then that more manufacturers are looking to make a quick buck out of a fairly lucrative market. However, without any strict regulations in place, some of them tend to claim that the CBD oil they’re making is “pure” even if it’s not. You’ll thus have to use the above-listed tips when finding pure CBD oil for sale so that you won’t have to bring home one that’s of inferior quality. You’ll also have to make sure that you’re buying CBD oil only from trustworthy sellers like Trusted CBD Oil who only put up legitimately pure products for sale.


John Truman

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