5 Tips for Allergy Free Kids Room

Kids are sensitive beings, which means that they are prone to all sorts of allergies. Additionally, the behavior of an adult greatly differs from that of a child, which changes the equation. An adult is (in most cases) less likely to eat something off the floor, just as they are more likely to avoid visible clusters of dust. When a child is at play, however, most of these simple hygiene rules do not apply. Here are five simple tips that will help transform your kid’s bedroom into an allergy free area.

No Pets Allowed

This first rule may seem a bit harsh, but your child’s room isn’t really a place for a dog or a cat. We understand that your child may love their pet very much and this is great, however, dander, saliva, and pee from furry animals most often carries various allergens. Now, before anyone gets offended, this simple fact has nothing to do with how clean the pet is. The presence of allergens isn’t a sign of poor hygiene. Because of this, it would be best if your child was to spend time with their pet someplace else like the living room or the yard. Finally, it would also be great if every pet’s visit to their room was followed with a thorough cleanup.

Vacuum as Often as Possible

While it’s true that some microorganisms cannot be removed by vacuuming, it’s still one of the most effective cleaning methods available. Seeing how an average child will do anything rather than sit in a chair, there’s a great probability that the floor will be their favorite play-area. Make sure to vacuum your child’s room at least twice a week, and not just the floor.

Choosing the Right Rug

As we already said, the hygiene of your floor is crucial for your child’s well-being. To make it warmer during the colder part of the year, it might be a good idea to buy a rug. From the allergenic standpoint rugs trap dust and allergens, unlike hardwood floor and tiles which allow them to circulate in the air. However, even the material this rug is made of may have effect on your child’s health. This is why you would be wise to go with high quality natural fibre rugs rather than synthetic ones.

No Shoes Policy

Even though this might not apply to the rest of your home, it would be a good idea to introduce a no shoes policy at least in your child’s bedroom. Sure, this room won’t receive much traffic, but from time to time, your friends and family may want to see the kid. Once this happens, don’t be shy to ask them to take their shoes off. Footwear soles are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Fight the Bugs

The battle for this allergy-free space in your home doesn’t necessarily start in your kid’s bedroom. If allowed to spawn anywhere in your home, bugs (especially roaches) are bound to find their way into your child’s room. This is why your first line of defense must be set in your kitchen, in your bathroom or in any other risky area. Naturally, since you have a child in the house, it would be plain irresponsible to use dangerous chemicals. Therefore, you should explore various natural ways to fight bugs.

Safety of your children always comes first, and it’s your responsibility as a parent to do all you can to provide it. The easiest way to do so is to keep their room clean and allergen free. Most of the time, this will mean nothing more than dusting and vacuuming regularly, but sometimes, you will have to put in a bit more effort. Just remember one thing, the battle for your child’s health is never over and never truly won, but it’s one worth fighting.