We all have that momentary panic when we here our baby is wheezing, hacking, and then suddenly letting out that whooping cough. And to our ears, as parents, it does not sound good. But a baby’s cough or even sneezing can mean anything; it is fairly hard to determine if it is nothing to fret over or deciding to visit your doctor for advice.

And since we are almost halfway in to the Ber months, the weather is going to get colder and colder soon as winter approaches. Parents need to be ready on hand so that they can easily make the right choices. As long as our children’s health is concerned, we should be able to take necessary preparations so that it will not reach the point that their health will take a turn for the worst.

So here are six ways to make it through the cough and cold season with a less stressful approach to minus the worrying part.

  1. coughandcold2Home-made Hot Soup

A natural remedy to help ease the clogged nasal and breathe easier, plus, it is natural. Make sure to use lots of veggies and when you are about to serve it, have those veggies mashed up so that the little toddler will be able to eat them just as easily. This is also naturally better so that you wouldn’t have to use medicine for cough and cold.

  1. Humidifier

One thing the doctor usually recommends you to do when the colds and coughs come in is to use a humidifier. It helps the coughs if the air humidity is dry as well as too much moisture. When the air ss dry, the nasal secretions also dries out and get stuck in the nasal passage which is really uncomfortable for the baby since it also gets harder for them to breathe.

  1. Warm Bath

Warm baths are probably your best bet to help your baby get comfortable again. It eases coughs and colds and loosens the secretions in the nose much faster. That is probably because of the steam from the warm bath. On a positive note, you are also cleaning your toddler and help him/her freshen up and find a much needed relief from the sticky feeling so that he/she will not feel too uncomfortable.


4. Saline Drops

Saline drops are perfect for runny and stuffy noses and dried nasal mucus. And since it is a little bit of a mixture of salt and water, it soothes nasal tissues that are inflames and aids in loosening those dry crusty mucus. It works sort of like a filter for easy breathing.

5. Increase Fluid Intake

Another natural remedy to treat your toddler’s cough and cold is by drinking lots and lots of fluids – mainly water, breastmilk, baby formula, even some warm broth can do the trick. Your job as a parent is to encourage them to take more fluids into their body, they need twice of the amount they drink usually.  Hydration is important for everybody seeing that it helps the body fight off the infection and germs. In addition, your baby may experience a lose of appetite when they are sick, getting some fluids in their system makes up for that.

6. Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Yes, you read it right – The great TLC! When caring for your child and treating their sickness, you also need to show more of that extra effort in comforting your baby. While they usually cry themselves to sleep, make sure to help ease the uncomfortability they are sure to be experiencing when they are sick. Help your baby relax first before you lull them to sleep.

Keep in mind mom and dads that the simplest forms like hugs and cuddles can make your baby feel instantly better. So make sure to give them lots of those!