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These Patanjali Products Will Keep a Tab on Your Child’s Immunity

Children have a weak immune system, and this is the reason why they are more prone to getting infected as compared to adults. Such infections result in a constant reduction in appetite along with low metabolism. A child with a weak immune system is usually cranky and unhappy. To keep away from all these hassles, various mothers trust Patanjali products to enhance their child’s immunity. Patanjali products work wonders for children.   Image Source   Today we’ll talk in detail about such products. These products are not just reasonably priced but also easily available. Here’s a list of Patanjali products ... Read more

What to Do If a Family Member is Seriously Injured

Nobody wants to go through the pain of serious injury, but if it happens to a family member, the injury can still take a toll, but being there for a loved one doesn't have to be complicated.

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Pediatric Dentist

Being a savvy parent, you want the best of everything for your child. Of course, this list is topped by the best of health. Dental health is such an important part of your child’s wellness! With early dental care comes the best in prevention and early detection of dental problems. According to the American Dental Association, dental wellness visits for your baby should begin before his first birthday! It’s true. A pediatric dentist can begin to provide dental care for even those tiny tots and set him on the road to a lifetime of good dental habits. Assuming you have ... Read more

How Dads Can Show Compassion and Love for Injured Children

Undergoing physical injury therapy can elicit stress in the household. The combined emotional, mental and physical stress dampens a child’s mood and cripples his or her ability to function joyously in society.

Buying Highchair? With These Tips, Your Baby Is Safe

Whether for a few minutes to the start of a busy morning or a banquet where time is just in hours/minutes, family meals bring everyone together. Babies can also be here to take part with a highchair, which allows them to sit at the table and be part of the fun. You will as parents soon discover that your baby will find it more fun to play with their food instead of eating it, but he or she is also an excellent observer. Anyone observing helps your baby to table manners to teach, which he or she develops during the ... Read more

Oxygen Concentrators: Everything You Need to Know

Most people with respiratory problems are probably familiar with the hassle of needing to be close to an oxygen tank at all times. While an oxygen tank does provide a constant supply of oxygen, it’s too bulky and heavy to allow a user to move freely—especially outside of the home. Due to a high demand for a more portable source of oxygen, oxygen concentrators were developed. What are oxygen concentrators and how do they work? Let’s take a closer look to find out. Oxygen concentrators are relatively small devices that filter the air from your surrounding room and concentrate it ... Read more

Tips for a Healthy Summer Commute

With the summer months just around the corner, your schedule is probably full of extra activities from taking a family road trip to enrolling your kids in summer programs. As always, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in the car. Here are some tips to have a healthier summer commute: Dress For the Weather   In the early summer months, the temperatures can be cool in the morning and sweltering in the afternoon. A full schedule rarely allows for a stop at home for a wardrobe change, so it’s important to have proper weather-related attire for everyone.   ... Read more

How To Take Care of Your Baby? 5 Easy Steps

After 9 months of perseverance, a life comes into this world. the baby is very small, frail and weak even to move around in its first few months. This time period is crucial for the growth and development of the baby and at the same time requires all the nourishment and care it can get. There are lots of confusion, questions and apprehension among the parents on how to take care of the newborn. These 5 easy steps will help even the most nervous parents on how to take care of their baby and with what. 1. Consulting with Experts ... Read more

Holidays, not School, are Responsible for Weight Gain in Children

In the US, the goal to curb increasing rates of childhood obesity has almost entirely focused on schools and their feeding and fitness programs. This is because some years ago studies showed that school lunches were linked to obesity. Since then, a lot of effort has been placed to make food healthier at schools. But as it turns out, we have been wrong to blame school feeding programs for the growing incidences of childhood obesity, a new study has found. Schools have been putting in place physical education programs and revising their diet plans in order to ensure that children ... Read more

6 Tips To Caring For A Baby’s Health

The joy of welcoming a new member in the family is overwhelming both for the mother and all other family members. However, there are some measures that need to put in place in order to provide a very conducive environment for the newborn. Every member of the family as well as the visitors has a role to play in ensuring that the young one is in perfect health at all times. The immune system of a baby is not well developed during the first months a fact that puts the baby at the risk of contacting infections easily and especially ... Read more

How To Keep Your Baby Healthy During A Trip

Whether you are off to a cabin in the woods or to a tropical resort, vacation offers you an opportunity to escape hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, traveling with your youngster can be challenging. Children can be susceptible to travel-related issues like motion diarrhea, infections and other sickness. Before you go out on a vacation with your toddler, be sure to plan carefully so you can enjoy your vacation. Below are some tips on keeping your toddler healthy during your trip, so you can all enjoy your trip together. Vaccinate Your Newborn In Advance Realise that different nations ... Read more

Growing Bones: 6 Tricks for Keeping Kids Full and Healthy

One of the most difficult parts about being a parent is having to make food choices every day on behalf of your children. Making these choices is a tremendous responsibility: the food culture and that your child grows up with will stay with them for the rest of their life. By consistently making healthy food decisions for those in and around your family, you can help send your child down the path to a positive relationship with food and an overall healthy existence.   Keep a Food Schedule One of the easiest ways to fall into an unhealthy eating pattern ... Read more