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Trt Therapy in Laguna Niguel

A male body, just like a female’s, undergoes hormonal changes over the years. Testosterone decline starts after the age of 30. Due to the drop in testosterone, all organs and systems suffer. If you live in California and are wondering if there is a quality trt…

Top 5 Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction can be easy to explain away or make excuses for at first. An alcohol addiction can be explained away as someone simply being a heavy social drinker, while drug addiction can come with the excuses of being tired or not feeling…

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Why Covid is just the tip of a terrifying, but potentially revolutionary, antibiotic resistant iceberg

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been defined as one of the major potential health crises of the 21st century. Medical research has intensified its focus on addressing this issue, however, a bridge has certainly been crossed. Notable bacteria are resistant to nearly all antibiotics and some have even become resistant to all forms of treatment.

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