Treatment for E.D. Finds Dr. Dov Rand

When evaluating threats to a patient’s health, it’s important for a doctor to not just look at the disorders that might threaten loss of life or limb, but also disorders that can affect well-being. This is exactly the danger from erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects a large portion of men as they age. Though the mental effects of the condition can be harrowing, many doctors are using cutting-edge scientific research to combat it in innovative ways. We’ll take a look at Dr. Dov Rand, a leader in this field, and the ways in which he works to combat erectile dysfunction in his patients.


Practice at a glance

The practice run by Dr. Dov Rand, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, provides a glimpse into the kinds of medical attention that can be administered when a staff is committed to seeking out new treatments. By staying abreast of emerging literature, the doctor is able to incorporate new treatment protocols into his practice wherever possible. Though this helps in all areas of health, it can be seen in an especially pronounced way when studying erectile dysfunction.


Prescribing supplementation

One way in which the doctor’s commitment to innovate treatments can be seen is through his use of supplementation. By testing patients for deficiencies, he is able to recommend natural supplements that can round out their dietary profile in a non-invasive way. Not only can this lead to a greater sense of well-being, but it can also contribute to improving blood flow and libido necessary for proper erectile function.



The use of GAINSWave technology is another primary treatment method at the practice. The technology involves the periodic application of shockwaves to a patient’s penis. Studies have shown that this procedure can have the effect of increasing blood flow to the penis via the repair of old blood vessels and the growth of new ones. By increasing a patient’s capacity to send blood to his penis, the treatment can often reverse and cure a wide range of erectile dysfunction cases.


Hormonal therapy

Another important contributor to erectile dysfunction is hormonal composition. If the hormones in a person’s body are not calibrated to the proper levels, a host of issues can result such as depression, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction. To combat this, doctors have long prescribed synthetic hormones to try and round out a person’s hormonal profile. While this has shown positive effects in the past, recent scientific studies strongly indicate that the use of bio-identical hormones is more effective than their synthetic counterparts. These are the type of hormones used at the doctor’s practice and with them he has been able to successfully treat many erectile dysfunction patients.

While erectile dysfunction is common for men, especially as they age, those suffering from the condition can take heart in the thought that new treatments are constantly emerging. These treatments are being used by some of the leaders in the field, such as Dr. Dov Rand, to more aggressively treat the condition. If you or someone you know suffers from erectile dysfunction, consider these emerging methods as potential treatment options.