Many commercial truck drivers feel as if staying healthy is completely out of the question. In addition to working long hours, professional drivers are also sedentary for long periods of time. Here are a few simple steps that all truck drivers can take to improve their overall health while out on the road.

Workout a Few Minutes a Day

Trying to squeeze in a quick workout every day might seem ominous, but it can be done with a little bit of perseverance. Most health experts agree that adults should exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. That is going to be much more manageable if you break that up into six or seven training sessions. Even going for a short jog before you start each shift could have a major impact on your health and happiness.

Stock Your Truck with Healthy Snacks

You won’t be as tempted to grab candy bars and sodas at the gas station if your truck is already full of healthy snacks that you enjoy eating. Nuts, quinoa chips, dried fruits, and protein bars are all great options that are relatively healthy. When choosing snacks, you should carefully read the ingredient list to make sure that the products don’t contain processed sugar or other sweeteners.

Avoid Stimulants

A semi truck crash attorney could turn your life upside down if you fall asleep and get into an accident. That is one of the reasons why many commercial drivers use stimulants such as sugar and energy drinks every time they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, consuming those products will almost always result in an energy crash later on. Coffee, tea, and other stimulants should only be consumed sparingly. Lean sources of protein and complex carbohydrates are the ideal options for long-term energy.

Find a Way to Relieve Stress

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your immune system, energy levels, and mental health. Even on shorter trips, you should find some way to naturally lower your stress levels. Exercising is a great option, but you might also want to consider meditation, guided breathing, or reading a book for a few minutes every day. Drivers who have a tough time controlling their stress levels should consider speaking with a therapist or psychologist.

Along with these few tips, truck drivers also need to schedule regular visits with a doctor. Biannual checkups will allow you to catch and treat minor health issues before they become major problems.