Indicators of Sex Addiction


For years, you’ve suspected that you suffer from addiction. However, you’ve never taken the time to confirm your suspicions one way or the other. Acknowledging that you have a problem can be scary, particularly when dealing with addiction, but no progress can be made if you refuse to move forward. Before you can begin treating your problem, you’ll need to make sure that sex addiction is indeed what you’re experiencing. If you engage in any of the following behaviors, it’s advised that you seek treatment for sex addiction.

Psychological Immobilization

People who suffer from sex addiction often feel immobilized, both physically and emotionally, when they’re unable to act on their urges. While it’s perfectly normal for people to think about sex at various points throughout the day, sex addicts are unable to tear their minds away from it. Until he or she is able to achieve sexual gratification, a sexual addict won’t be able to focus on anything else. Conversely, someone not afflicted by sex addiction realizes that there is a time and place to act on their baser urges. If constant thoughts of sexual gratification have made it difficult for you to get through the workday or lead a functional existence, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from sex addiction. Fortunately, places like Life Works Recovery can help you kick this addiction with assistance of the best sex therapists in the Lone Star State.

A Decrease in Personal Relationships

Sexual addiction can also cause people to neglect meaningful relationships. Having the occasional one-night stand or casual intimate encounter doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a sex addict. However, when these kinds of encounters are valued above all else, you may have a problem. If you frequently neglect your significant other, children, close friends or family members in favor of sexual gratification, sex addiction is likely to blame. Sex plays an important part in many peoples’ lives, but it shouldn’t be your reason for being. Liking yourself and forming lasting bonds with those you cherish is more important than acting on every kneejerk sexual urge that hits you. Unfortunately, sex addiction can dramatically impair people’s judgment and cause them to put real relationships on the backburner.

An Abundance of Pornographic Materials

Sex addicts who are unable to find partners often accumulate large collections of pornography and sex toys. Having an interest in pornography doesn’t qualify one as a sex addict, but accumulating pornographic materials en masse is often a sign that addiction is present. In fact, some people become so enamored with pornography that they have no interest in physical relationships. If you’ve found yourself looking at porno during work hours or blowing off friends and family members in favor of your addiction, it’s time to seek help.
Despite being a prominent psychological impairment for centuries, sex addiction has only recently been regarded as a genuine problem. As such, a number of therapists, support groups and treatment centers now cater exclusively to sex addicts. If you’ve experienced psychological immobilization or strained personal relationships as a result of your insatiable interest in sex, it behooves you to seek treatment at once.