Let’s Switch from Cigarette to e-Cigarette


You might have seen a good number of videos where smokers use some electronic device to create and play with smoke. Most of the tricks cannot be done with an ordinary cigarette. Most of the times electronic cigarette or e-cigarettes are used for this purpose because these e-cigarettes allow you to create and control smoke as per your choice.


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Electronic cigarettes are far better than any conventional cigarette even from the cigar. No doubt a professional smoker especially a cigar smoker won’t accept your argument, but the fact is obvious and is based on many findings. For example:

  • Electronic Cigarette is eco-friendly because it doesn’t burn or create smoke rather it creates vapors. That’s why most of the times e-cigarette are often termed as vape pens, e., vaporizer pen.
  • It is less harmful and injurious to health because it contains a lesser amount of nicotine and moreover you are not inhaling other harmful smokes like paper smoke and tobacco and tar.
  • The electronic cigarette is safer because you don’t need fire. These cigarettes are electrically powered with a very little battery. So, there’s no risk of fire in case you forget to blow off the matchstick before throwing it away.
  • You can enjoy different flavors while smoking because there comes e-liquid to be used in the e-cigarettes. You can refill the tank of the vape pens if it gets empty. Liquids are easily available in the shop and even online. You can buy nicotine liquid online from various websites at highly affordable cost.
  • Vape pens are rechargeable and refillable, so you have to create lesser waste by switching from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. You are not throwing burned filters, the matchsticks, empty packets, used lighters and even ashes.

I hope advantages mentioned above of switching to electronic cigarette may excite you a bit and you may start thinking about switching. Let me introduce you with some of the best e-cigarettes so that you may know which one you should buy if you are thinking to try it.

Halo Triton

Halo Triton is one of the most famous electronic cigarettes. It is light, compact and easy to refill e-cigarette. It is the best for the beginners because it is convenient and easy to use. You will be able to use different e-liquids because you can change and refill the tank whenever you want. In case you run out of the e-liquid, you can buy nicotine liquid online from the various online store. The liquid will be delivered to you at your address.


JUUL is the second most popular brand in e-smokers. It is the smallest electronic cigarettes available in the market. You will love it for various reasons. The only reason to hate it is its battery backup time which is too less for a pro level smoker.


Joyetech produces various types of electronic cigarettes. It is one of the oldest companies in the field of vape pens. Most of the pro level smokers love to have Joyetech rather than going for any other brand. And that’s why they produce e-cigarettes for pro and beginner level smokers at the same time.

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