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Responsible Sobriety: Why Accountability is Important When Getting Clean

Accountability is important while trying to get sober.

Varicocele: Definition, Epidemiology, Symptoms, Treatment

A varicocele is similar to a varicose vein and it causes enlargement of the veins contained within the scrotum. It's also known as varicocele testicle and usually presents in men who are between 15 and 30 years old.

4 Reliable Ways to Make Your Oral Health That Much Better

You brush twice a daily, floss religiously, and use a mouthwash with fluoride.

Fire-Place Fallout: How to Handle the Hazards of a Family Gathering

A family gathering is an ideal way to bring people together in loving company. However, the seemingly-perfect gathering can go off the rails in a second thanks to an injury or another mishap.

How CBD Can Help Minimize Your Anxiety and Depression

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active chemical compounds in cannabis.

Winter Weather Care for Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Extreme weather changes can play havoc on one's skin. Make your beauty sleep a priority this winter.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays—4 Pillars to Success

The obstacles to staying healthy over the holidays are many. Read on for four pillars to health success that will keep your heart and body in shape.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy for Expectant Mom’s

Expecting a baby is something that is amazing and frightening at the same time. You can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms, and at the same time, you’re terrified that you won’t be good enough to be your gorgeous baby’s mommy. The first thing you need to do to be a good mommy is taking care of yourself when you are expecting. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to your life and sometimes it’s hard to take care of yourself the way you should with the busy lifestyles that most women today lead. With that in mind, read ... Read more

4 Ways Healthcare Has Changed With Wider Acceptance Of Mental Illness

Over the past few years, the perception of mental illness has changed, not only with the general public but also in the healthcare industry. There has been significantly increased awareness and discussion of mental health. People are seeking help for mental illnesses more often than in the past and there is less stigma attached to a mental illness diagnosis than existed even a few short years ago. More people are becoming aware of mental illness, the discussion around it, and treatment options. In the healthcare industry, more experts are finding that mental illness can have an impact on physical health ... Read more

Take 7 Minutes to Get Started with Meditation…You’ll Be Happy You Did

We’ve all heard the word “meditation” before, but that doesn’t mean we actually know what it means. Just what exactly is meditation?

Going on a Trip? Here are 6 Important Health Checklists for You

Your dream trip could quickly turn into a nightmare if you suddenly fall ill or get seriously injured, whether in the middle of your travel or just days before your board a plane or train. While for the most part, pre-trip prep is filled with excitement, a visit to the doctor for a medical checkup or vaccination can be a numbing aspect, nonetheless a crucial one.

Handling Mental Health Problems at University

Handling Mental Health Problems at University Being a student is a challenge. Is the first major change in a person’s life and it comes with plenty of obstacles. Friends are going to another university, you finally move away from your family and it is the first time that you have to deal with problems on your own. On top of that, you will also have to keep up with school and study. This stress can take a toll on your mental health and many students have to deal with problems such as anxiety, depression or homesickness. If you have some ... Read more