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How to Cook Egg Snacks with Bread

Make tasty egg snacks with bread. Obviously it is very simple, tasty, and very special. Great for a birthday party or otherwise. Plus this simple recipe with eggs and hard rolls, can also be very convenient for lunch for two people. Egg snacks with bread ingredients 4 hard rolls, white or brown bread, 4 eggs, 2 of which hard boiled eggs, and two eggs and beaten raw, 4 tablespoons of cream, 50 g of grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, 25 grams of butter, Egg snacks with bread recipe Boil 2 eggs hard in about 10 minutes, you can use ... Read more

6 Best Essential Oils to Get Rid of Nausea

Suffering from nausea? Nausea affects everyone at some point n their life and there are multiple causes for it. Each nausea-inducing condition (cancer, pregnancy, seasickness, vomiting, sickness, flying, boating) should be assessed specifically as certain essential oils respond better with certain conditions. Essential oils for a cancer patient will be different than those better suited for a pregnant woman. Let’s take a look at 6 of the most powerful essential oils for nausea: peppermint, ginger, lavender, cinnamon, and coriander. The best ways to use essential oils are either via tissue, inhaled through the nose and mouth, through a diffuser, in ... Read more

Healthy Snacks for Picky Eaters: Worry No More!

Snack ideas that your choosy kids would love to eat, learn how to make them and some friendly tips on how to keep them eating healthy! “No!”, is a familiar cry you as a parent tend to hear when we let our dear kids eat some healthy food. An endless agony during the meal to persuade them to eat the beans, the carrots or the broccoli. Patience runs out and it often ends up crying and messes on the table. Well, to keep you out from your misery, here are healthy snacks ideas that your picky eaters would surely love, ... Read more

Garlic Cheese Pasta & Some Special Cases

Meals in a day are very important. So, why we don’t spend a little time to prepare healthy breakfast, delicious lunch, and hearty dinner right now. The simple recipe and requirement – garlic cheese pasta can a perfect choice for a meal in a day yours. Aside from that, there are also some other cases that you can try for your pasta. Let’s learn! Making Garlic Cheese Pasta Easily and Some Special Cases to Try How to Make Garlic Cheese Pasta What we need: Spaghetti ~ 1 lb Butter ~ ¼ cup Garlic ~ 5 cloves (they must be minced) ... Read more

Guide On How To Cook Mexico’s Famous Enfrijoladas

Mexico is a good place with delectable cuisines. From their well-known tacos to the crunchy tostadas, you wouldn’t get out of a Mexican restaurant unsatisfied and hungry. With the uncountable food recipes in store, they are deemed to be one of the best chefs in the world. Source : “Enfrijoladas” is just one of their kitchen masterpieces. Have you ever heard about this food before? Well, that shouldn’t be the question. Who haven’t heard about it anyway, right? Enfrijoladas originated in Mexico. Thus, Mexicans call it their ‘comfort food. It would be strange to hear that a Mexican considers ... Read more

2 Delicious Orange Detox Water Recipes For You and Your Skin

Detox water aren’t something new but, even though they’ve been around for a while they’re still all the craze. Why? Some people drink detox waters to lose weight, though there’s no evidence of that helping. Others do it as a way to train themselves out of sugary drinks. Others simply do it to include something new and healthy in their diet. Regardless of the reasons, detox waters are here to stay so why not try the following orange detox drink recipe to help you improve not only your health but also the appearance of your skin and your hair?   ... Read more

How To Pimp Up A Glass Of Water [Infographic]

If you’re serious about looking after your health and your mental well-being, you’ll be familiar with the idea of keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day. Yet despite the beneficial properties of plain old water – it aids digestion, metabolism, and cognition, and is also good for the skin – you may find yourself overlooking it for something more exciting or a branded water drink that’s full of big boasts as to the benefits of the artificial vitamins it contains. This can cause unnecessary inconvenience and expense when you consider that water itself is practically free (if you live in an ... Read more

Here Are The 5 Anti-Cancer Recipes You Should Try Now

Preventing cancer is better than curing it later. After all, cancer is a preventable disease. You can reduce your risk to it by having a healthy lifestyle, proper diet included. And if you’re looking for the best recipes that may help reduce cancer risk, you may want to refer to the following easy to prepare dishes that include some of the most effective antioxidants on the planet. Anti-Cancer Recipe #1: Salmon in Tasty Miso Broth   The anti-cancer recipe is so easy to prepare, and it takes only a couple of minutes to cook. It is tasty, yet it is ... Read more

Heavy Duty Light Weight Meal Planning

Losing weight is a tough battle most of us go through some time or the other. Eating low calorie food is one of the most important ways to win this battle. Low calorie food is easy to digest, keeps us light and active, and is easy on our arteries. It is definitely overall good for our health. But many of us are confused about how to cook delicious low calorie food and think that it is not possible. It’s quite simple to prepare low calorie food that’s delicious and yet doesn’t increase the waistline. Recent studies show that extended periods ... Read more

Celebrities Adore these 5 Amazing Weight Loss Juice Recipies

The use of juices mainly from vegetables and fruits can help boost the weight loss efforts. Apart from weight loss, juicing help in cleansing the body and also detoxification. The juices also have minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants and enzymes that are useful to the body are also present. Juices have advantages when used for weight loss. First, the juices are delicious and sweet. Secondly, fruits are cheap to get and purchase. Third, it is easy to make the juices. Finally, the juices pro are natural, safe and effective for weight loss among other benefits in the body. In two weeks, ... Read more

Healthy Veg Salad Recipes For A Refreshing Summer!

If you are fed up of your constant weight gain woes and want to take a serious action, what better way to start by eating veg salads which aren’t just healthy but also yummy! Yes! Because healthy food doesn’t always means tasteless food. To lessen your work for scouting on the big web for such recipes, here is a list of some of the best healthy veg salad recipes which can be prepared easily and without having to spend an eternity in the kitchen: Mexican Chopped Salad This is not your regular Mexican salad. The star of this salad is ... Read more

Delicious Stuffed Vegetables Recipe

Aubergines and peppers make a good combination with a good scope of nutrition. The recipe contains this great combination to be stuffed with lamb filling to make it a complete meal. Ingredients 3 small aubergines 1 each red, green and yellow pepper For The Stuffing 45ml/3 tbsp corn oil 3 onions, sliced 5ml/1tsp chilli powder 1.5ml/¼ tsp turmeric 5ml/1tsp ground cumin 1 garlic clove, crushed 5ml/1tsp ground coriander 5ml/1tsp salt 450g/1lb lean minced lamb 30ml/2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander For The Stuffed Onions 45ml/3tbsp corn oil 5ml/1tsp mixed onion, mustard fenugreek and white cumin seeds 4 dried red chilies 3 ... Read more