Photos offer a great way to document important moments in your life and preserve memories of the past. As such, they can be personalized to an incredible extent and presented for various occasions. You can create photo books as a last-minute birthday gift or design them into a profound timeline covering an event. These books can also be reused. For friends, you can capture the happy times or little things that hallmark your friendship and compile them later into a photo book gift. These can be offered during farewells, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and holidays or even present them to a friend that’s traveling.


Best Custom Photo Books

Designing a photo book is mostly an effortless task, thanks to Mixbook, offering affordable easy-to-customize photo books. If you already have a visual idea of how the final product should look, this platform provides efficient tools to help you quickly design your photo book. At Mixbook, you find templates for quick design and superb photo books. You still need to evaluate different aspects before deciding. If you want to design the best custom photo books, the most crucial areas to consider include:


A) Platform Features and Usability


Whether you wish to create beautiful photo book covers or make intricate details to the inner margins, platform usability is the most important aspect to review. You do not have to be an expert in graphic design, to determine if a platform is usable. Simple navigation conveniences like the positioning of a “back button” and ease of finding the tools and features available can significantly influence the quality you get. You can look up customer reviews and expert rating sites to gauge the overall usability of a platform. You can also review the feature set and what you can achieve with the platform. Some allow you to design and export or save in different formats-. The best offers will enable you to upload pictures, pick the kind of paper you want, and customize the design of your book.


B) Customer Support Services


If your photo book is to be printed and delivered to your mail or doorsteps, then customer support is one of the essential areas you need to review. Photo books can provide the last minute birthday gift, and you do not want any more delays if you are already late to the party. The best platforms offer multiple communication channels and exceptional customer services to ensure your designs are printed and delivered on time. By reviewing the market reputation and user testimonials, you can quickly gauge how excellent their customer service is.


C) Convenience and Security


Convenience is another critical area to review before choosing any business that offers custom photo books. The best companies provide convenient transaction processing systems like PayPal, credit card, debit card, Visa, and MasterCard. The interface and navigation are also designed to offer convenience during the design phase. As a rule of thumb, the platform has an easy-to-use website, vital design features, and tools, as well as effective communication and order-processing frameworks. The system should also have various security features to protect all users.




If you are going to use a photo book as a gift, then it is only right you design the best gift. However, the design is only part of the work. You still need to ensure your gift book features the best papers and materials as well as gift wrappings. Comparing and reviewing existing options can help you narrow down to the best photo book or gift.