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Having Trouble Conceiving? 5 Problems That May Be to Blame

Trying to conceive a child without success can be a frustrating, emotional experience. Most doctors initiate infertility treatment when couples have been having unprotected sex for a year without a pregnancy, or six months for women older than age 35 or those with other risk factors. Infertility affects an estimated 12 percent of couples of child-bearing age. If you are experiencing infertility, your doctor will first attempt to identify the cause in order to recommend appropriate interventions. Approximately a third of fertility cases are caused by male infertility, a third by causes attributed to the female, and a third with ... Read more

India-The New IVF Destination

What is IVF? In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a treatment for infertility in which sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory. The resulting embryos are tested in a laboratory for quality and one or more are placed in the uterus through the cervix. IVF is by far the most commonly used high-tech infertility treatment. Laboratory Fertilization Of Eggs In IVF Treatment India a rising goal for IVF India is advancing as another medicinal tourism goal. With the coming off most recent and the most complex systems, India has accomplished monstrous notoriety. The cost of Ivf treatment in India is ... Read more

What Every Woman Should Know When Undergoing Fertility Testing

  When you have been unable to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy, fertility testing may be needed. Most fertility tests are minimally invasive procedures that are performed during an office visit with your doctor. Your doctor can order multiple tests at once in order to get a clear idea of your fertility situation. Keep these tips about fertility testing in mind when you visit your doctor. When Fertility Testing is Recommended If you have been unable to get pregnant after trying for six months and you are under the age of 35, your doctor may recommend fertility testing. Women ... Read more

Infertility Problems? How to Navigate This Complicated Medical Situation

Many couples long for a child, but complications seem to arise at every turn. if you are one of those that have tried for quite some time to bring a child into this world to love and nurture, only to discover that infertility problems derail you at every turn, you understand how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, there are medical advances that have been made in this area to turn around this reality that you have been living under for far too long. Consider the following four ways to potentially navigate this complicated medical situation. Consider Artificial Insemination This is ... Read more

Top Ten Benefits of the GM Diet Plan

You are always hankering after your weight loss goals, without much success. Among a plethora of fad diets and exercises, there comes a diet which delivers what it promises, makes you lose weight within a very short time! Yes, the GM Diet! It is a revolutionary diet which can help you lose fat in 7 days. It is not a very easy diet to follow, considering you must give up on your favorite foods, eat more of greens and a very paltry amount of food. But the best part about this GM diet plan is that it gets over in 7 ... Read more

Bringing Baby Home: How to Prepare During Your Last Trimester

The time is finally drawing near for you to meet your little one! To make the transition easier on the whole family, you should start preparing in your last trimester. Getting your home, yourself, and your family prepared in advance will give you more time with the new baby and save you some stress later. Home Some things to think about are your access to necessities and the baby safety. You don’t want to spend all your time trying to find things or worrying when you have an infant at home. Decide where you will change diapers. You want all ... Read more

IVF Treatment in India

                                IVF Treatment in India   IVF Treatment Abstract : Having a bundle of joy is the ultimate dream of most couples. Children complete our family and bring boundless joy into our lives. But sometimes it is not possible for some couples to conceive due to various fertility issues. IVF treatment is a boon for such couples. India is considered to be one of the best destinations for IVF treatment. The reason for this is the IVF cost in India is comparatively less than other countries. India ... Read more

Cloudnine Fertility – IVF Centre

It’s magical! It’s phenomenal! You must have heard these words from beaming mothers when you ask them to share their experiences about birthing. However, you must have also heard, “Is it possible?” from couples who yearn to hold their bundle of joy. Bangalore’s Cloudnine Fertility – IVF centre helps such parents proudly say, “Yes, it’s magical”. Infertility is a rising concern in today’s era. Stress, family planning, late marriage, and a drastic change in the lifestyle are some reasons for this growing concern. In the process of chasing their dreams, couples concentrate more on their careers. When they decide to ... Read more

Top 10 Tips For Fit Pregnancy and Postnatal Period

Top 10 Tips For a Fit Pregnancy and Postnatal Period For most women, the changes that our bodies undergo as a part of bringing new life into the world can be devastating to our self-esteem. Brand new stretch marks, the extra poochy mummy flab that just won’t go away, weight gain, nausea, farting, spitting, vomiting, sleeplessness, hospital stays, back pain, mood swings,etc. can be difficult to deal with. Pregnancy can be a trying time no matter how strong you think you are. That’s why we are here to help. We have put together a list of ten things you should ... Read more

6 Ways To Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many difficulties, and one of the main ones is sleeping. As the belly grows and your hormones change almost every day, it becomes difficult to sleep. But, there is still hope for restful and restorative sleep if you make a few adjustments to your lifestyle and sleep pattern. The changes may include simple things like taking a warm shower before bed to other ones like changing your dinner menu completely. Here are some ways to get better sleep during pregnancy as your belly grows big. 1. Come Up With A Routine The body has a biological clock ... Read more

Is Osteopathy Safe During Pregnancy?

Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine which aims to treat medical disorders via manipulation and massage of muscles and joints so that the patient is relieved of pains and has an increase in their joint mobility. Many expectant mothers ask whether osteopathy is a therapy which can be carried out safely during their pregnancy without harming their unborn child and their own bodies; much evidence shows that osteopathy is in fact a safe therapy and has positive results in patients. There are pharmacological options available for patients, however many expectant women are understandably unwilling to use drug therapies to ... Read more

Death in the Kitchen and Restaurants : Listeriosis

As dark as this may sound, you may just be preparing for your worst nightmare in your very own kitchen or restaurant. The Listeria has made a reputation among pregnant mothers by causing miscarriages and stillbirths. It is one of the most commonly available infections in the kitchen and restaurants, especially in packed foods. Listeriosis may not be as dangerous to other people as compared to pregnant mothers but will cause serious complications in some. Severe symptoms will lead to death if not checked. Listeria bacteria occurs in prepacked foods such as sandwiches, pre-packed vegetables from manufacturing companies, seafood, and ... Read more