Gestation or pregnancy is the most crucial time period of one’s life. There are so many do’s and don’ts associated with pregnancy. These 9 months are very different for a person because not only does a person physically change but a person’s emotions become a roller-coaster as well.
Moreover, the slightest mistake might end up in regrets because whatever you do, does not only have an impact upon you but also has an effect on your fetus who depends upon you for life and your body for nutrition. So, for these 09 months, one is advised to be extra cautious and careful and to stay in the best of health so that the baby can make its way into the world all healthy and happy as well.
To pre-prepare for the baby, it is very important to know the due date as well as the conception date. Moreover, it is also very essential to know when one trimester ends and the other starts because there are certain foods that might be advised to be eaten during one trimester and might be forbidden in the next. Therefore, it is advised to keep a check on the trimesters and the due date. You can do this by using a pregnancy calculator at for absolutely free and keep a count of your trimester days as well as know your due date.


Once people get to know about your pregnancy, there are so much advices that start pouring in from everywhere. People tell you the do’s and don’ts and everybody tells you what they might have experienced and what they think is beneficial and what isn’t.
The traditional beliefs and practices that people indulge themselves into are something that cannot be overlooked in any way. This is because these beliefs might have an effect on the pregnancy and the baby born. So, let’s see some of the traditional beliefs and practices are done by people during the gestation period and let’s dive into some more details about those specific beliefs.

1- Avoid spice as much as you can.

One of the very common belief is that eating the spice can have adverse effects on the baby. The old wives’ belief is that eating the spice can lead to miscarriages. Moreover, people even believe that consuming spice will cause the baby’s eyes to burn and blindness might be the end result of it (in the baby). However, just to make you feel a little at ease, these are only false myths. Although consuming spice may cause an increased heart rate in the women, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that one will go through a miscarriage or something associated with it.

2- Looking at displeasing and ugly animals.

Pregnant women are advised not to look at ugly things and animals. The basic belief after this is that if an expecting woman looks at an ugly animal, then the chances are that her baby will have a resemblance to that animal as well. This is only a false misconception and holds no scientific evidence. The baby’s features and physical appearance aren’t determined in that way rather genetics plays a prominent role in that. So, don’t enclose and entrap yourself in your room just because someone has told you about this traditional belief.

3- Worseness of the morning sickness that a woman might experience.

This traditional belief says that the worst morning sickness that a person experiences during gestation, the likely chances are that she might be carrying or expecting a baby girl. Although the exact reasons behind this one are yet not talked about but to test out this belief’s validity, a research was carried out back in 2004. The results suggested that women who sought a cure to morning sickness had a greater chance of giving birth to baby girls as compared to the women who did not.

4- A woman’s beauty fades if she is expecting a girl.

So, this old wives’ belief says that if a woman is expecting a girl, she will see her skin texture change. Acne and an overall decrease in beauty. The concept behind their belief is that the girls take up the beauty of the mother and hence if she is expecting a baby girl, she might experience all these and if she doesn’t, then there’s a baby boy in that bump.
However, in actuality, the baby problem isn’t in the gender of the baby. The hormonal changes, morning sickness, and sleepless nights are what have a bad impact on the mother’s skin.

5- Cutting the hair during pregnancy.

So, this belief says that if a woman shortens of chops her hair up during pregnancy, the results are negative for the baby. The possible drawbacks are on the vision of the baby. Scientists and experts have not yet come to the biological evidence behind this belief.

6- Hair-dyes during pregnancy.

When it comes to dyes, experts advise not to dye the hair during the first trimester. This is only because the dye might contain certain ingredients that might irritate the expecting mother and have negative impacts on her.

7- Don’t open gifts before the baby is born.

Pregnancy occurs with rising levels of excitement. People are eager to welcome their baby into the world and therefore, they pre-shop and many friends and family pour in some pre-gifts for the baby. However, this belief is that opening those gifts up can attract bad spirits into the house. People who usually have a stern and firm believer in magic tend to strongly believe in this concept and avoid doing this practice as much as they can.

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